Posted by: ginalazenby | February 1, 2011

really helpful insights to prepare us for 2012

I have been reading a brilliant book about the year 2012 and have found it VERY helpful in coming to understand how human consciousness is shifting.

We are certainly living in amazing times  …. I truly do feel that I am a participant in a global awakening thousands of years in the making. As we approach December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar – less than 2 years away now –  we are poised to reach our full human potential. I know that I have made the realisation of my own potential the main focus of my life now and am seeking guidance on my journey to enable me to handle the huge changes in my life. I do feel very blessed to be here on the planet right now.

“TRANSFORMING THROUGH 2012: Leading Perspectives on the New Global Paradigm” is another multi-author, multi media book like The Wealth Garden which I was involved in. Whereas my book was a collaborative project between successful entrepreneurs who had integrated Wealth Dynamics into their lives and businesses to create greater flow, this project features some of world’s leading 2012 experts who came together to co-author this revolutionary material. I am finding it very helpful indeed because my whole psyche is gearing up for the ‘big event’ next December …. what WILL happen indeed?!  Look around at what is happening already! Check out the book online.

I feel this book is a great resource guide for these changing times.  Instead of getting lost searching for answers to the big questions about 2012, here I am finding that I can read ONE book that contains golden nuggets of truth on 2012 from the world’s most respected authorities hearing the core messages from the experts, from Scientists to Shamans. The book features scientists, researchers, futurists, mystics, astrologers, artists, luminaries and indigenous elders and healers from the Maya, Aztec, Hopi, Inca and Hawaiian traditions explain the shift and empower you to embrace the new opportunities and higher potential.

International Best-Selling Authors, include:

•  Barbara Marx Hubbardfuturist, author, speaker, co-founder of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, writes of becoming galactic humans.

•  Bruce Lipton, PhDbiologist, author, speaker, co-author of Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here pairs with Steve Bhaerman, author and humorist, to find the opportunity for spontaneous evolution in the 2012 crisis.

•  Carl Johan Calleman, PhDbiologist, author of The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness and expert in the Mayan calendar explains its intricacies.

•  Daniel Pinchbeckauthor of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl and builder of social networks, finds us in a window of opportunity where we consciously choose our future.

•  Jean Houston, PhDphilosopher, author, speaker, trainer for the UN, asks that we grow up as mythic people during this evolutional jump time.

•  Paul and Lillie WeisbartQuantum Mystics, Inventors of the Scalar Wave Laser, authors and founders of Stillpoint Now

•  Indigenous elders and healers share messages from the Maya, Aztec, Hopi, Inka, and Hawaiian traditions.

•  And more than 25 other experts……

“This book is an anthology of brilliant minds, looking forward into the future in an attempt to discern the course of humankind as we emerge from history into the next phase of our evolution.” George Noory, in the book’s foreword.

Get your copy of the book as a downloadable with extra video podcasts from the authors.


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