Posted by: ginalazenby | February 23, 2011

Just the right amount ….

Isn’t it a lovely feeling when you make something without measuring any of the ingredients and it turns out to be a perfect fit for the glass?

I always take this as a little sign from the universe that I am in flow, all is well and I am at one with the order of life.

Here’s a morning smoothie which I decided to make from whatever was to hand in my fridge. Without any conscious thought to “how much?” to put in of the oat milk, beet juice and banana …. I got a near perfect quantity for the glass. If I had planned and tried hard I could not have achieved this result which came effortlessly……

I’ve been staying in a wonderful Home Exchange house on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, and although I am in a beautiful place, I’d been thinking “what am I doing here??”. Shouldn’t I be somewhere else doing something else? Just when the mind chatter goes a bit haywire I get this lovely affirmation that all is as it should be.

Do you have things happen which you interpret as signs from the universe that you are on track?                                    What are they?

And it happened again!

UPDATE:      this morning’s smoothie had EXACTLY the same outcome with different ingredients ……  I am definitely on a roll !

produced by a smooth operater!


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