Posted by: ginalazenby | March 10, 2011

when you should listen to that voice in your head …

When considering whether or not your life is in flow, one also has to look at all the minutae of daily life, not just the bigger picture of where you are going (remember everything is connected at all levels).

In each moment we have the opportunity to resist and get out of flow or to go with a feeling and feel life unfold elegantly around us.

Only this morning I stepped out for a walk on my first day in Auckland. My host was at work so I found myself alone in an unknown suburb of an unfamiliar city. My trusty iPad showed me on google that there is a green area near so I set off for a walk. There was a dog in the house so it seemed churlish to leave it behind (I am not a confident dog-walker). Thankfully I found a leash and off we trotted. Trot being the operative word here as the dog not only led the walk but at a pretty fast pace.  The last thing I wanted was to let the dog off the leash and then have to explain to my host how I had lost her dog, if he decided not to come back when I called.

So I ran (in my heavy exercise boots each weighted down with a kilo of steel) and struggled to keep hold of the dog. The deeper we got into the forest and away from the main road the sillier it seemed to keep the dog on that leash. It was literally pulling me and my Frankenstein boots up the hill!  Could I trust the dog to come back if I let it go for a scamper?  I wasn’t even sure I’d remembered his name to call him back and he was not listening to any of my pleas to slow down!

Oh what to do. I really felt I should let this lovely dog “go for it” but I erred on the “better safe than sorry” side and kept hold with a tight fist (hmm, never a good sign!).

That was when the universe stepped in and decided it would be good for the dog to make a break for it and have some freedom ……. a tree stepped into my path and stuck its root under my foot and I ended up lying on the ground grazed, dazed and looking up at the sky ……  no dog leash in my hand, and of course no dog!

OMG!  no sign of the dog.

Be patient said the voice in my head. He’s either been trained as a rescue dog and has gone for help or he’ll get bored and come back. Yep, a few minutes later I saw him in the distance on the forest trail and he ran back when I called out.  Not much damage done …. at least nothing that a cool flannel, a touch of arnica and a drop of rescue remedy won’t put right.

Listen to the voice in your head said the voice in my head, and TRUSSSST. OR, watch out for those tree roots tripping you up!

Don’t let anything trip you up today ….


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