Posted by: ginalazenby | April 13, 2011

reporting in from the yoga retreat ….. a touch of Eat Pray Love …

I am on the trail of Eat Pray Love … not intentionally. It just seems to be working out that way!
For sure I had a healthy “Eat” phase as I toured Australia then hitched a ride with my parents who were cruising to New Zealand. I had to endure quite a few gourmet days! Then after a busy period of writing I felt the need for a change of scene that would give me some good stretching exercise as well as fresh air so I went to a yoga retreat in the mountains of South Island. It turned out to be an ashram so I had a good few days of yoga, chanting and quiet, all of which is a prelude to me going to Bali and hosting a Women’s workshop and retreat in May.

As Bali was the “love” phase for Julia Roberts in the popular movie (of the even more popular book) I will have to wait and see how that shapes up for me………..!

Watch the video I recorded on the last day of the retreat when I was struggling to keep my inner peace ………


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