Posted by: ginalazenby | April 26, 2011

sharing from our women’s gathering in Sydney

All the women who gathered for our Circle meeting in Sydney were motivated to attend by a need for connection – a deeper level of connection and sharing that only really happens when we create women-only events.

The evening started at 6pm with a food ritual: everyone contributed something and a buffet selection was created for us all to share. It’s uncanny how we don’t seem to duplicate dishes and always seem to have exactly what we need. The energy that comes with the food is as sustaining as the food itself!  It’s amazing how an hour of chit-chat over a meal can build a strong feeling of community and is a wonderful warm-up for any business meeting. It seems to be a moment when you feel moved to share kindness in a way you might not if you were in a public restaurant with all its distractions. A shared meal in a private space with strangers is a great way to start dropping off our layers of protection and separation.

Once the business of clearing up the dishes was complete we could start the formal proceedings of the evening. We sat in a circle and all agreed that we’d like to add a candle to our conversation. Even more nourishing than the food was the minutes of silence we chose to observe before we started, sitting together companionably in peace.  I decided to open up with “Why are you here… What brought you tonight?” and “What is it that you’d like to take away from our time together?”

In our sharing it was beautiful to witness the capacity the women had to share their vulnerability, to speak openly of embracing change and being willing to explore new aspects and possibilities for themselves. There is a particular strength that comes from being willing to open up about our lives and the search we are engaged in.

Here are the common themes of what most of us were recognising:
* a greater need for connection with like-minded people to explore our spiritual nature and deeper meaning of life, particularly to make sense of a rapidly changing world. Sometimes  It means that we are  spending less and less time with certain friends but we have to be true to our own needs.
* we need more time to be alone and be reclusive. We just don’t have the appetite to see friends like we used to; we feel time is moving very quickly now and we are just not keeping up with people.
* discovering new aspects of ourselves which were exciting as we searched for ways to realise out potential. Our calling seems to be calling.
* an appreciation of the value and sustenance of spending time in the company of women, like this evening.
* we are recognising a desire to just BE, and not try to read or do ‘something’ in our time out. We know we need more space to be.

Are you finding the time just to be? And do you have opportunities to share with others how you feel about the changes you are facing on your journey?



  1. I totally get the context of what was shared…I have had such an interesting month and have learnt so much about myself and what I want…or rather don’t want in my life!!!
    I too am looking for more alone time to actually explore how I want to spend the rest of my life…thanks Gina…I know I am on the right track

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