Posted by: ginalazenby | April 29, 2011

Do yogis get stressed?

Hmmm… that’s an interesting question.  It’s like when people ask me (the author of the Feng Shui House book) if I ever have any clutter! Of course I do … that’s why I know so much about it. But really, it’s more about what you do as a result of it than whether it is present in your life.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I took some time out for a retreat in the mountains above Golden Bay on New Zealand’s South Island. While there I managed to spend a few minutes with the ashram’s co-founder, the delightful Swami Karma Karuna.  When I heard that she runs the mountain-top retreat, leads sessions at the centre, travels the world leading educational programmes and is mother to a 14 year old daughter I thought I’d ask her whether she ever got stressed. Bit of a cheeky question!  When I first met her she was picking up the week’s groceries for the 20+ community working up at the ashram (no matter how internationally acclaimed you are, we women never seem to escape the groceries!!) and as she drove me up the mountain she told me about the huge Easter event at the centre which they were preparing to host with twice the usual number of attendees. Volunteers had come in from all over the world to help at the centre and some of them were building facilities and toilets for the great influx expected.

Phew, I think I’d be a little stressed juggling all that but of course, such is the power of living a conscious and spiritually disciplined life that you get yourself into a state where you have the inner resources to handle what nobody can hide from in the modern world.  I have kept up my daily yoga practice since my week at the Anahata Yoga Retreat.  And being there reminded me that yoga is not just an exercise routine … it’s a way of being in the world in a very mindful way that nourishes you spiritually so that the rest of your life is permeated with your inner wisdom. Do listen to the lovely Swami as she shares her life.


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