Posted by: ginalazenby | April 29, 2011

natural advice from the menopause expert

While on my travels in Queensland I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Gold Coast-based Dr Maura McGill. She’s a medical doctor whose main focus is treating female menopause ……. naturally. I have to say she is a rare jewel indeed.  Dr Maura says it is very rewarding work because she can make such a big difference in women’s lives and so few people specialise in this area.  I visited her at home and recorded an interview. The first of two videos is here where she talks about the practical action to take regarding handling what she calls the “7 dwarves of menopause”!   A second video about the gifts of menopause will be posted next week …

In our conversation I asked her why menopause is such a big problem now and giving so many older women such an uncomfortable and sweaty life! She talked about the foreign estrogens from plastics and household chemicals that infiltrate our bodies which inhibit the normal workings of the hormonal system already going through a change as we age. You can access a free McGill Menopause Management report via this link.
It is sad that most doctors don’t seem to know what to do about menopause for women other than prescribe HRT or advise you to wait for the symptoms to disappear automatically (2-5 years).  They don’t have any expertise or knowledge of the body’s natural chemistry and Dr Maura pointed out that very few gynaecologists understand natural treatment of menopause because they are part of a profession focussed on surgery!


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