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Healthy Home hit by clutter clearing cyclone !!

I have been wanting to write for ages, but once again, my journey has turned inward. When I came back from my last 4-month trip I could feel a huge difference between the new me unpacking and the old me that was expressed in so many ways around my home. I realised that I would not be able to do anything productive or creative until I had faced this and started the shedding process that was required. The term clutter clearing does not come anywhere near being the right description when one has to re-align one’s external environment with the inner one. Feng shui expert or not…… I can get very attached to my stuff.  So in my struggles to get started, a week or so ago, I created a video for you with some tips for making a breakthrough. I found it very helpful for myself.

Struggling with clutter? Gina Lazenby reveals what to do....
Struggling with clutter? Gina Lazenby reveals what to do…. watch this video now

I am happy to take my own medicine so making the video was the spur I needed to get me going and within a couple of hours of filming, I had thrown out nearly half my library of books – something I have been trying to do for the last year. I came back to the camera to report my progress!! You’ll see …. if I can inspire myself I hope I can inspire you too 🙂    I let go of 260 books…. and many more since that day!

Helpful Friends turned up to support me – including my parents. I got my Mum to sit in a chair while I tried on my wardrobe of clothes …. as part of this shedding process I have lost a great deal of weight. Kilos have been dropping off effortlessly (for a change I might add!)  I think because I have finally reached a place where that weight is no longer serving a purpose,  the new me underneath has emerged. I don’t even look the same as I did two years ago … and that new me doesn’t like the clothes the old me used to wear!!!  That was a big letting go process I tell you !

Finally space clearing & feng shui supremo Cathryn McNaughton came to stay. I think she thought we’d have a couple of days of walking and afternoon tea in the Dales but NO …… we were up to our armpits in crystals collected from all over the Healthy Home which were cleansed and assigned new duties. With her help I was able to throw out a decade of press cutting research and my magazine collection.   I’m also in the process of ditching crates of video masters from all the training courses which my Feng Shui school produced in the 1990s that I was going to digitise ‘one day’. We are now into the second decade of a new millennium and I finally realised how OLD this information is. Everything has a fresh new twist now so you can’t publish old material….. the world has moved on. That was a biggie for me too.

The key for me throughout this process has been the need to align the new me who looks, behaves and feels different with all the physical layers of my life and home.  Although it has taken me a month this summer to clear out years of old stuff, the process of my becoming the new me has taken the best part of a decade. The final 2 years have been the speediest, with the most shifts,  and the completion took place in Bali when we hosted the Women’s Retreat there. (I’ll write more about that when I tell you about the next one that we have booked for November this year).

I am sharing this with you because many people I meet are also processing tremendous shifts in their own lives. This is a necessary part of life now but it is best done with some support and knowledge that you are not on your own … we’re all going through this ‘becoming process’ of being and living in a different, more conscious and heightened way that can no longer accommodate old patterns, old behaviours and old stuff. I have met so many women in their 50s and 60s who have sold up ALL their possessions, moved out of/sold their homes and released themselves into the world, travelling and shifting into totally different personas. I am in awe of their courage. I have met hundreds of women who are on the move … most have no idea of where they are going but they feel a sense of momentum as they explore aspects of themselves and are placing huge trust on their inner guidance. We all seem to be getting ready for a new way of being in the world, one that I feel will embrace a stronger feminine presence and leadership. Meanwhile the women are really getting ready for a new future …….

Whatever it is you are going through: illness, loss, grief, energy deficit, career transition, re-invention ….. know that the universe is somehow supporting you in your process and there is light at the end of the tunnel. The more you can let go of, the more will come back to you as shiny, new, bright, clean, sparkling opportunities, energy and gifts.

Don’t forget to ask for help because Helpful Friends WILL turn up!  Look round your home and decide to separate yourself from the stuff you have collected and be prepared to shed it. Like never before we must let go of old paradigms thinking and the more we hold on from the old way of the world the harder it is.
Short term pain, long term joy!!

Enjoy the video.
clutter booksclutter boot

let me know how you get on with your own processing and shedding….

that’s it for now ….. I’m off to the store room to let go of old coats, boots, hats of yesteryear …. then I shall drive down to Oxfam and Skipton recycling centre.

Love & light from Yorkshire ….. home of the Yorkshire Goddess 🙂 !!!!

Gina Lazenby


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  1. Great to hear ur moving..on the other side of the planet doing same here! xx Catherine

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