Posted by: ginalazenby | November 20, 2011

americans take action against the big banks

I’ve been thinking for a long time now that we need to wake up and realise that we CAN do something about the ridiculous greed being demonstrated by the big banks. What is the point of complaining about fat-cat salaries and bonuses … then continue to keep your account with that bank!?

In the USA people are taking action inspired by one woman in Los Angeles who called out to fellow citizens to withdraw their money and close their account as a protest to additional new monthly charges being proposed by Bank of America. Art gallery owner Kristen Christian organized a nationwide event for Saturday, Nov. 5, dubbed Bank Transfer Day, calling on people to move their money from big banks to smaller institutions like credit unions and community banks. All told it is estimated that between 700,000 and one million people made the switch. That’s quite a loss in just one month!

A separate movement with a similar goal … to teach the big banks a lesson … is the Move Your Money campaign. Playing on the fight between the forces of good and evil as exemplified by George Bailey and Mr Potter in that magical and inspirational film: It’s A Wonderful Life. Watch the campaign movie below.   It feels like things are really starting to change on the planet. Perhaps people are realising that we are citizens and not just consumers and every small action we take does count ….  Do you endorse the policies, charges and salary/bonus payments of your bank?


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