Posted by: ginalazenby | February 13, 2012

older women on TV pay the price for being …… old !

Big news yesterday around the UK Sunday papers was the story of the discrepancy between the salaries of the trio of male stars fronting the BBC’s Match of the Day programme and the three veteran female presenters of Rip-Off Britain.  Critics are attacking the BBC for apparently “leaving women with “the crumbs” of the pay cake after it emerged they earn £1,000 an episode” according to the Express newspaper, compared to the £40,000 per episode given to the football programme male stars. Not only that but Rip-off Britain seems to attract higher audience figures: 5 million compared to the 4.5 million for the sports show.  And this disclosure follows a recent statement by the head of the BBC, Mark Thompson, saying the channel needs to bring back the talent of older women and that they would “cherish the outstanding women broadcasters they have”. Hmmm …… well that does not look like it is happening.

What justification can they have for such a wide pay gap?  Surely the likes of Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Sommerville are worth more than £1000 per episode?  Decades of experience as iconic TV presenters and helping to make this programme a high profile a success must surely warrant more than what amounts to £500 per day payment.  Well I suppose we should be grateful that these women aged 64, 67 and 71 are at least visible on a TV and have a job.
Such is the lot and lack of status of older women in our society. Small crumbs indeed!

Do you think these salaries reflect a lack of value for the contribution of older women?

Read more in the Mail and in the Express


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