Posted by: ginalazenby | February 28, 2012

Celebrating 2012 International Women’s Day in Sydney

Dawn behind Sydney Opera House - such a beautiful iconic shape to see the sunrise appear behind. Taken from the Aurora cruise ship

Not only am I delighted to be back in Sydney but this will be the third time I shall be celebrating International Women’s Day there …. previously I have either hosted a Women’s Gathering or run a women’s workshop. This year I shall be speaking at a special event at the Meditation Space, 99 Crown Street, with Conny Dietzschold, Director of the meditation space and the Synergies Symposium 2010 + 2011.

A presentation and discussion on The Rise of The Feminine on Thursday March 8th is part of the Synergies Symposium Dialogue. Both men and women are welcome to attend and we expect some wonderful contributions from both gender perspectives.

I will be talking about how the future will be feminine and how this will be a central force changing the world. Conny will lead reflective meditations before audience participation.

Booking is required Attendance is free and by voluntary donation

Time 6-8pm  More information about the event……..

There is a wave of change happening. While most of the financial, government and corporate systems are in crisis and lacking the right answers, there is a groundswell of new ideas, initiatives and models for business emerging. While chaos, destruction and calamity seem to be in the mainstream news everyday, out of the media spotlight is a relentless force for good spreading across the globe with alternative ways of doing things that are generative, collaborative, equitable, empowering, community-focussed, radical ….. and many of them are led by women.  

In this inspiring and heart-opening presentation to celebrate International Women’s Day, best-selling author Gina Lazenby will show how the future is definitely feminine and will host workshop discussions on what that might look like for each of us. Reflective meditations will be led by Conny Dietzschold, Director of the meditation space and the Synergies Symposium 2010 + 2011

This wave of change is bringing to the foreground the economic power, leadership and creativity of women as we begin to recognise these within ourselves and see how they are at the heart of a huge cultural transformation happening on the planet.  We are now seeing a fundamental shift as society begins to value the feminine values of intuition, caring, nourishment and collaborative approaches. The deeply transformative changes happening in this first decade of the new millennium are beginning to lay the foundation for a more sustainable way of life in the century ahead. During this evening we will have an empowering discussion where both male and female participants in having a greater sense of what they are here to do in the world at this time & how they are part of the rise of the feminine.


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