Posted by: ginalazenby | March 3, 2012

4 emerging trends of women in business…

I am on the move, travelling again …as I do (woman-at-large of course). I seem to move from one women’s group to another, constantly connecting with female networks, leaders and communities!  I’m either creating women-only events or chancing upon them. And when I do, I recognise how  nourishing these events are because they are just for women.  We women entrepreneurs want to connect with other women and the women’s gatherings I host in more relaxed, spiritual settings enable us to honour our needs both as business women and the whole woman that we are.

By connecting in a private home/space we can make the experience even more nurturing by preparing our own food (community group cooking with all hands on deck in the kitchen is what women have been good at for millennia). Relaxed community connection really helps women open up to deeper levels of sharing and the conversations that result bring up some important issues. I thought I’d share 4 key trends that I see emerging through these Women’s Gatherings that I have ben part of around the world…

1 We are being more feminine in the way we do business …. this means that many of us are shifting from a focus on DOING to BEING. This is not easy but the more we share with each other HOW we are effecting the transition, the more it benefits and inspires others.  This new approach is less about the more masculine action-woman archetype of being focussed, goal-driven and achieving … it is more about understanding the power of ALLOWING. It’s scary when we first start to do this but it is so much easier and more graceful. And we get more done!

2 We are embracing the sacred into our business ….. we often see ourselves as healers, we recognise and honour the inter-connection of everything and all aspects of our lives.  We know that we need both practical and spiritual support for our endeavours so we have been learning to honour our intuition and act upon our inner urges and whisperings, even when they seem to fly in the face of standard business practice. We know that when we are truly aligned, we are never wrong to follow that small voice inside. We are increasingly allowing that voice to be audible.

3 We are realising that our individual story is part of the global story of woman ….. women never fail to be inspired by the stories of other women so it is really important to create opportunities for authentic conversations and sharing. These are very precious to us and sometimes we forget in our busyness to connect with others. When we do, we realise how lonely it can be in business and how we miss the nourishment of female companionship and how creative and sustaining it is for us when we get it!  What might feel like a subtle shift to us takes on a whole new meaning when we get that most of group are going through the the same. We accepted the loneliness in the corporate space but having left that behind for our own business journey we now want/need community and connection.

4 We are driven by purpose which is more important than profit … now that could be seen as a weakness and there are definitely some of us who have not quite got mastery over wealth creation and good returns on investment, but many of us have not worked out good balanced relationships with money …. and quite frankly when we look around at the financial industry, governments etc …. we see we are not the only ones!  Except we are veering in the other direction! We want our own autonomy, flexibility, and yes we want to make profit and a good living but it HAS to be at something which makes a difference. That is what makes us come alive… that is when we know we are here for a reason.



  1. I really know what you mean by not quite having mastery over wealth creation and return on investment. I am learning quickly though. This year and last, I will put down as education. Next year and beyond will be monetising that learning but as you say in a way that adds value to the lives of children, in my case. Well to start with. With a purpose as big as re-teaching a philosophy that is common to Indigenous people to the masses on Earth, how can I not keep progressing!

    • When you do big, important work one always has to have patience and know that anything deeply-transformational and therefore spirit-guided will work according to divine timing!! You have a wonderful project Joelie and I wish you all the best with your beautiful stories 🙂 Gina

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