Posted by: ginalazenby | March 8, 2012

Feminine Wisdom on International Women’s Day

It feels timely on International Women’s Day to share with you a fascinating conversation I had with a wise woman on Mount Shasta. Mary Saint-Marie is an artist, author, entrepreneur (and many other roles!) who, having answered a call from spirit to move & go live on Mount Shasta nearly 40 years ago has developed a way of working that fully integrates her spiritual life.

And I think that is the trick for all of us now. So many of us women are on a spiritual quest of journeying to learn more about who we truly are and what we are here to do then when it comes to money-making, making a living, running a business we leave our spirit behind and try to do things the old way. The old ways …. that sounds like something from centuries ago but we are facing a huge paradigm shift of how commerce and the world functions NOW to a new way yet to be devised. And ladies that new way is one of our making. We might not know it yet but our leadership is called for to bring our authentic spiritual selves fully to the table …. to show up as we truly are, beautiful spirit, mind and body ….. to steer a new way in the world. So starting with our own businesses is a good place for the foundation of the new world. Mary Saint-Marie speaks beautifully of tuning in to the universal flow of wisdom, the within-ness as she calls it, for guidance on functioning as a successful business. It is how I have been allowing my own life and work to be and I can say that this is the first time in my life that I have been without stress and anxiety.

Do watch our conversation  split into two videos, firstly on Vimeo the the 2nd part on Youtube ……. see if this is what you are doing, or aspiring to do?

Watch Video part 1 … how Mary changed the way she did business and found it effortless
Watch Video part 2 – how feminine wisdom is really needed in business



  1. Gina, that is such an inspiring video, and I really got the part about allowing. Mary Saint Marie’s explanation of how annoying things can really be divine messages resonated with me. Thank you for posting this – I’m off to watch part 2 now!

  2. Well, part 2 was even more inspiring Gina! Why not a Women’s Bank? When are you coming to Champagne GIna? 🙂 xxx

  3. Thank you, Gina, for your luminous global work around the arising feminine wisdom; it has been a missing piece for 6000 years.

    Awa Tey Ewa Tey…Now is the Time..for the Essence, the Love which is the universal Law of Balance.

    The Power of the Within-ness is upon us. The Within-ness of Women globally…and a new culture emerges. From the Timeless…it does come…

    In great appreciation for the opportunity to share with you.

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