Posted by: ginalazenby | May 30, 2012

A woman of her word …. Karambu Ringera from Kenya joins our Women’s Gathering

The Women’s Gathering in the Healthy near Skipton with special guest Dr Karambu Ringera

Dr Karambu Ringera travels the world on a mission speaking out about peace and being the voice for women and children back home in Kenya. She made a promise to Beatrice, a woman who lay on a bed dying in her hut as her 10 year old son played outside unaware that he was to become an orphan. “Please make sure my son goes to school”. It’s hard to walk away from such a request and not take action. Karambu is fulfilling her promise and has since created a beautiful home for aids orphans with built-in revenue opportunities to ensure that they have a sustainable future. Karambu seeks out gatherings to share with people how she helps women living with Aids and in desperate situations to dare to dream so they can change their lives. She helps them to shift from being helpless and hopeless to being self-reliant, having trust and changing their circumstances.

Last weekend I had the honour and pleasure of welcoming Karambu into my Healthy home and have her join our northern Women’s Gathering. She’d been travelling in the UK from her native Kenya and journeyed all the way from the south coast to join our group of women in Skipton, Yorkshire. Dr. Karambu Ringera, a Lecturer at the University of Nairobi, had been visiting centres in Findhorn and Forest Row to learn about sustainable development and spread the word about her work.

There’s no doubt that Karambu is a formidable force for change. She is a woman of amazing vision as she travels the world inspiring adults and children alike with her stories of the grassroots empowerment programmes she is spearheading in Kenya.

Karambu is clear about the fundamental role of education to help shift people from helplessness to self-reliance.  Her passion has led her to become a scholar with several degrees and also a powerful storyteller on behalf of the young children and women back devastated by AIDs.

These children have absolutely no means of support and Karambu talks about how they form a wasteland of human lives – a lost opportunity that she cannot bear to witness. She inspired our group of women meeting in Skipton to pledge support for her. One enthusiastic pledge of support came from local businesswoman Sue Harper Todd, the first British woman to climb Mount Everest. We definitely want to stay connected with her, now that we know her story it’s hard to walk away just like the promise she made to Beatrice.

Our Women’s Gathering which Karambu joined, attracted female business owners from as far afield as Doncaster, Tynemouth, Burnley and Edinburgh. This was one of a series of events that I host on my travels all over the worldbringing together women entrepreneurs who are building businesses to make a difference create social change. It is so perfect that providence brought Karambu to our gathering and in the Healthy Home environment, so perfect for providing ideas for the homes back in Kenya.

Do watch the Ted Talk below that Karambu did when she shares the story of the woman dying of Aids who asked her “Who will  look after my children when I die?”


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