Posted by: ginalazenby | June 1, 2012

Dadi Janki’s wisdom for women

Dadi Janki was back making a short visit to the UK from her new base in India (having lived in London since the early 1970s) so every opportunity to see her is a blessing. With just four day’s notice I had the good fortune to be given the opportunity to create a women’s programme with Dadi on May 21st (a wonderful New Moon date).  My dear friend who made her apartment available for this gathering told me she had 60 chairs….. lo and behold, after emailing out an invitation on the Friday afternoon, by Monday morning I had 6o women booked. It seemed like divine providence was on our side …. no stress or anxiety …. just me willing to put myself out there and take on the organisation of the event and have just the right number show up 🙂

(Do you witness that kind of grace happening increasingly in your life?).

The evening was beyond expectations; a really wonderful atmosphere created by Dadi’s light-filled presence and the delightful souls who felt inspired to come – 80% of the women had never met Dadi before. So many friends and contacts beyond London wished they could have been with us too so I have transcribed what Dadi shared and created a 5-page document of her wisdom. And do read what I wrote about how Dadi has inspired my own transformation (in a previous blog post).

Dadi Janki, joint head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and now 96 years old, shared much about her early life in India. I was interested to hear about the courage it took for her to go against the culture and the customs of that era in 1940s India and go out into the world as a female spiritual teacher and woman leader. Dadi shared that it was deep introspection that connected her with the power of the divine which supported her.

In offering practical advice to the women in our gathering, Dadi said that of the 8 powers that the BKs teach us to develop within, there are three which women find more challenging ……. apparently we tend to lack Patience, Tolerance and Contentment. This brought much laughter from the Gathering. This nugget was the biggest take-away for most women though. Several of us have really been focusing on these powers since then ……. and personally I have to say they are very helpful.   When you are in any situation that you gives you any stress, anxiety or mild frustration and you just ask yourself “Am I really being patient, tolerant and content?” you will likely get a No. Try it. Focus on these three and see how it transforms your relationships with others. Read more about how to do this in the full transcript of Dadi Janki’s words of wisdom.



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