Posted by: ginalazenby | June 11, 2012

How women leaders can tap into their creative capacities ..

Running a business has its challenges. Of course it does. The new way of being  in business I am choosing to operate from is vastly different to the method I used before which created success, financially, but was ultimately unsustainable, largely because of the stress levels. Today I caught myself facing the old pattern. A headache alerted to an old behaviour pattern rearing its head. Mid-crisis I happened to speak with Gopi Patel, one of the senior leaders at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University about our seminar tomorrow night on soul-infused leadership.

She talked about how women forget to tap into one of their strengths which is their ability to enable others – women create frameworks to help others move forward and for them to discover their own part in something. Women tend to practice an enabling kind of leadership which is different to the masculine way which focusses on products and outcomes. Women are more people-oriented and less direction oriented. By doing this women are able to tap into creative capacities which are without limits which offer a much more sustainable way of achieving anything.    Simply focussing on outcomes is a trap. Women need to recognise their strength in enabling others and develop it further as this especially boosts their confidence as leaders. With her experience working with leaders all over the world, Gopi affirmed that this is exactly the new kind of leadership that the world needs right now.

With Gopi’s words ringing in my head (as if delivered by some cosmic guidance) I asked myself “Who am I becoming in the process of this business problem?” This seemed a way more powerful question to ask than just focussing on whether I had simply got the problem completed by the deadline. I never want to be in the situation again where I get the job done but I don’t like myself in the process!  This question quite stopped me in my tracks. I have  an opportunity in this crisis to learn more about who I am and be present to what gift it is giving me in helping me grow. I can pause and see how others in the team are showing up as resources and that is ultimately more important. The deadline looks scary and unmanageable right now but it will pass and we will be left with a team who have survived the challenge with the opportunity to reflect on what we learned and who we have become in the process. Wow, there is nothing like applying practical wisdom when you hear it !

So back to the conversation that interrupted my crisis …… the talk on soul-infused leadership on June 12th.  If you would like to grow and refine your feminine and spiritual leadership skills as a woman then join us tomorrow in central London.  If you want to move forward in the world as an instrument of change then I believe you will gain much benefit from the wisdom shared by Gopi Patel, one of the most sought after leaders of the Brahma Kumaris, the world’s largest spiritual organisation led by women. Gopi is passionate about soul-infused leadership, which is how the BK women lead, with the greatest example set by its head Dadi Janki, who remains active in her global leadership at age 96.

Gopi shares practical ways that we can do the same. It’s not from an awareness of gender … it’s about leading from the qualities inside. She said, “If I lead as a female then I don’t activate my soul qualities, I don’t lead with confidence… I can become susceptible and weak, I can get in the way of accessing my true power. When I connect with the purity of my soul qualities then I can become an instrument that allows my qualities to ignite the qualities in others”.

As usual, those who are supposed to be there will feel called to join our Gathering. Do join us on this journey of refining our skills and finding out how best we can be of service in creating a new world.

There is a booking link on Facebook – if you can’t access it then email me.
A private Mayfair location at 6.30pm for a 7pm start. All over by 9/9.30pm


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