Posted by: ginalazenby | June 18, 2012

Can clean wings strengthen your soul connection ?

I’m multi-tasking again … as usual. Don’t we all? Well maybe you guys don’t because you have the superb ability to focus but while I am writing I have also got my eye on the laundry hanging outside and as soon as I leave my desk to check on it I will get waylaid by a few others jobs in between. Today one of those jobs is washing the angels. Yes I know it sounds weird but my mother is coming to stay and the first thing she will say when she arrives at the front door (after she has sighed) is “Gina, those angels need washing!” You see, they get very green on my windy hilltop exposed to all the elements as they offer some metaphysical protection against the worldly forces that push against my life.

The desk task I am churning over is the writing of the invitation for friends to hear Sister Jayanti next week in London (Tuesday June 26th). Then it occurred to me that the universe was sending me a coded message. I am doing physically what Sr Jayanti will be talking about – how to access that inner angelic realm and tap into its qualities that will sustain us in the physical world. In other words, how to access the pure, crystal clean clarity of your soul power so that you are not influenced by the shadow of your old patterns and by other people’s drama.  So cleaning off the green mould from those white angel wings served as a good reminder for me to apply what I know:  if I want to fly and really use my wings to be of service in the world, I better make sure that all levels of my being are clean and clear so I can really see my own innate value and how best I can contribute. Only then can I access my qualities which will support me in doing and being more in the world, and ……… without it robbing me of my energy or diminishing me in anyway!

So, if like me you are on a spiritual path and are open to deepening your knowledge and refining your skills for what will serve you living a more graceful yet even more productive life, then I think you will get great benefit from hearing Sister Jayanti. She will be speaking at a private venue in central London and will share her own personal practice of soul consciousness. Jayanti is one of the most senior leaders with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University,  the only spiritual organisation in the world to be led by women. She oversees all activities of the centres throughout Europe and many global initiatives including representing the BKWSU at the United Nations.

To say she is busy is a laughable understatement and yet whenever you meet her you feel that you are in the calm presence of an angelic being. How can she possibly oversee all that she does and not be a tiny bit stressed? Well she will share how any of us can be active and productive in the world by tapping into our innate, unlimited spiritual powers, and in a very practical way.

The private address will be given if you RSVP to my email or sign up on the Facebook page. Tuesday June 26th, central London. Men and women (I only point that out as I often organise women-only events).
Timings: Welcome refreshments 6.30pm, start at 7pm, formal finish at 8.30pm

I love it when my home speaks to me and I can see and hear the wisdom that needs to come to me, often through the daily humdrum tasks of living ! Do you notice how your home speaks to you?



  1. A great blog and perfect way to extend an invitation. You should attract all those who tune in to a more spiritual approach to life. You write as you speak, which is very natural and engaging. I could just hear your mother saying those words !! There’s nothing quite like a ‘clean’ Angel at your front door to make you feel protected and loved. I’m sure they appreciate it. Rx

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