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The Power of the Feminine Mind is needed to serve a world in crisis

A day of biblical weather!!!

As I sat down to write an invitation for a Women’s Gathering next Tuesday I started to tune in to what is happening in the world right now – on the basis that each week’s news  seems crazier than the last!!  Thursday last week jumped out as a pretty BIG day: biblical weather in the UK with trains to Scotland cut off by landslides, Newcastle airport closed from flooding, ice hail the size of small fists damaging cars and Sahara sand rain dirtying cars in the Thames valley. I think we just missed out on falling frogs! In addition, the banking system lost the last shreds of any credibility it had. Barclays Bank was fined £290 million for manipulating bank rates which affect virtually everybody with a mortgage or loan.

Who knows the real details of what the CEO Bob Diamond actually knew but it highlights a modern banking culture that supports and condones greed. I know it is all bad news right now but I am revelling at the thought that the system IS dismantling …. it truly is (at last!). What will come of all this, goodness knows but we cannot carry on with the same bloated and corrupt system. The world is crying out for something different.

I have got to ask this … if women were in charge would the system be failing us like it is now? I don’t think so. Shout at me if you like for voicing this but honestly ………  I think it is time that we women stepped up and put forward some new ideas. I mean, how much worse could we make it?! * see footnote below

In the last few years I have been hosting many women’s gatherings around the world and come to witness a beautiful global movement in what I see is ‘The Rise of the Feminine’. Wherever I go I am hearing the same things: women are leaving behind old careers and ways of working that they found unrewarding, stressful and sometimes physically harmful in order to journey into the unknown and reinvent themselves in new businesses where they can be authentic. I feel a sense of us preparing ourselves, almost like a leaderless army getting ready …. as if instructions for where we need to show up have not yet been issued. Although there are a few more women presidents and CEOs, most of the world’s government and corporate leadership is predominantly male and often where women do feature, their numbers are few so they can tend to operate out of their masculine energy to fit in with the prevailing culture.

New values are needed …… we must bring in the feminine energy

So from my viewpoint, it’s not just about getting the head count and shoehorning more women into the top jobs, it’s about bringing in feminine energy wherever we are. When we show up as a leader, in any situation, we have to have the courage and presence to be our authentic self and operate from our feminine energy bringing feminine values to whatever we face. And that does take courage. We have to be different….. and different is exactly what the world needs right now.  For some of us that means stepping out of our comfort zone, putting ourselves forward in situations when we feel like holding back, making sure we are ready so when we receive an invitation to participate we do have the confidence to respond immediately, and when we get there (wherever ‘there’ is) we remember to do it our way. This is when we need to fearlessly live and operate by our intuition and tap into our spiritual strength. Having shifted into this way of being over the last few years myself I have to say it is not a walk in the park!! I feel we need all the help we can get 🙂

An Invitation to join us for a special evening on Tuesday July 10th

Here I come to the invitation …… I have long admired the Brahma Kumaris not least because they are the only spiritual organisation in the world led by women. They’re global (in 100 countries with 8500 centres), deliver exceptionally high quality education and by not charging (everything in their 75 year history has been given free) they offer a very different model for a sustainable organisation. How do they do it?!  I am fascinated by them.  That’s why I have recently been creating an initiative to support women’s leadership from spiritual values and am drawing on the resources that the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is generously offering. We started out recently with a women’s gathering (read more about it here) in the presence of Dadi Janki, the 96-year old head of the organisation, and followed up with intimate sessions with other leaders from the University.

On Tuesday July 10th, in central London we will offer “The Power of the Feminine Mind”. I am really excited about this. I have spoken with the BK teacher Denise Lawrence who is passing through London next week and made her one free evening available to us. Denise is obviously a woman with the capacity to recognise something different. She was the first westerner to join the BKs back in the early 1970s when the organisation first came out of India.  Right from the start she was mentored and guided by Dadi Janki. She has dedicated her life to spiritual practice and service ever since.

It’s a mistake to think that spiritual practice means that these BK women leaders simply meditate.  They are behind and drive huge global educational programmes designed to raise human consciousness across the planet. Denise started her career in television and she used her gifts and expertise to present 100 TV programmes on meditation. For 25 years she pioneered the BK teachings and opened centres in Germany, USA and Canada. She specialised in using spiritual knowledge for addiction recovery presenting a further 100 TV programmes in this field and has taught meditation in US prisons. In the last decade Denise has developed an academic programme for values and spirituality which is being taught at University in India.

The Power of the Feminine Mind event is about learning how to:

  • avoid burn-out by operating from your spiritual power
  • connect with a woman’s power to align your energies with the natural cycle of life and utilise this in your leadership
  • understand your skills and capacities, how they differ from men and those predominating in our patriarchal culture
  • use your innate creativity and ability to make things grow as the foundation for your work being more graceful and sustainable
  • lead from your feminine values

We’ll also have a conversation about what each of us might do (or already be doing) that is contributing to creating the new world and sustainable systems that are needed.

Live in reach of London?  Do join us on July 10th. The venue is a private address in Mayfair given to those who book. Book on the Facebook page or reply to me by email if you don’t have access to facebook.
Timings: 6.30pm arrive, refreshments; 7pm start – 9pm end.
We do usually try to end by 8.30pm but last time the conversations were so deep and rich we went on beyond 9pm!

It’s a women only event.
Attention men!    If you are interested in this conversation then please let me know as I plan to host gender conversation events for men and women.   And if you are outside London and the UK but are interested in this conversation too then let me know …….. I travel …. you never know what we could co-create!

Footnote: I don’t see the future as one where women are in majority or sole charge like the men have been – I believe the future is one where men and women are more equally represented in decision making at global, national and local levels….. for everything that concerns us all.

I have had great feedback from men and women all over the world when I emailed this out … I’d LOVE to hear your views 🙂  BOOK EVENT in London



  1. sounds fabulous Gina…sorry I will not be in London

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