Posted by: ginalazenby | August 20, 2012

Dadi Jank, Spiritual Olympian, insights on working together

Yesterday I went to see Dadi Janki speaking on her last evening in the UK before flying back to India tonight. The programme was called The Inner Olympics – celebrating our Brilliance and we heard from Geoff Thompson, five times World Karate Champion, talking about what it takes to win…. how “99% of fitness is actually between the ears” .
He said inside every winner is the support of a hundred people helping that one person get through to the top of their success.  And emerging as the winner or being one of 3 medal holders is only ever in the context of all the others who have strived hard to provide the competition from which a few emerge as winners.  One win involves a lot of people over a long time.

Geoff also mentioned that this was the first Olympics where women have competed in every discipline. Dadi, the 96 year old head of the BKWSU, was then introduced as one of the world’s leading spiritual athletes. She told Geoff that in the Spiritual Olympics, women have been leading the ground for a long time. There was much laughter at Dadi’s humour and of course it is true!

Gopi Patel, who is leading our Feminine Leadership gathering tomorrow night (Tues 21st) on Soul-Infused Leadership, said that she had just arrived in from Oxford where she had been working with Dadi on a 10-day retreat programme for the BKs’ spiritual leaders throughout Europe. Gopi shared how even in her 90s, Dadi is still learning and is fresh with new insights and new wisdom about how we can be more effective.  Gopi was excited about what Dadi had brought forth and will share these wonderful insights with us tomorrow.

A key insight is that it is not for us to try to work alone. Rather, it is about coming together and tapping into the wisdom of a seemingly invisible plan …… one which is there but which people are only seeing little bits of. When we ask “What is it that I need to do in myself to be flexible and easy enough, to be able to recognise what others are seeing” then we can create the solutions for a sustainable and practical future. She said “We can have a vision, we can have clarity about what we need to do but often the biggest breakdown is that we can’t all work together.”

There is a principle of working together that has nothing to do with each other.  If we can activate our inner support system by connecting with the Divine, then we activate our own qualities. That way we can just shine irrespective of what is going on around us and who we are with. It then becomes less about how we get on as individuals and more about bringing in the light to the project, to the team, to the idea. That divine, soul-connection light will show the way, Dadi says, and transcend our trying to get on with each other. When we have the light within us connecting us to our purpose  we can then become the light that shows the way for others to recognise their own part too.

Can you see how you are bringing out your own inner light to share with others?


  1. Brahmakumaris
    32 Qualities of ShivBaba
    01 Self-luminous point of light
    02 The truth, living and blissful being
    03 The image of immortality
    04 Residence of incorporeal
    05 Immune to birth and death
    06 Immune to happiness & sorrow
    07 Ocean of Purity
    08 Ocean of Peace
    09 Ocean of Love
    10 Ocean of Wisdom
    11 Knower of beginning, middle & end of the cosmic world
    12 Knows the depth of karma philosophy
    13 Benefactor of universe
    14 Seed of the human world tree
    15 Source of all virtues
    16 Creator of Trimurti – Brahma, Vishnu & Shankar
    17 Establishes golden aged world through Brahma
    18 Sustain the deity world through Vishnu
    19 Destroys the viscious world through Shankar
    20 Supreme father, teacher & sat-guru
    21 True sermonizer of Gita
    22 Takes the boat of life across
    23 Liberates of all viscious
    24 Liberates from the fear of death
    25 Bestower of divine intellect
    26 Bestower of divine insight
    27 Bestower of Joy
    28 Bestower of Bliss
    29 Remover of sorrow & bestower of happiness
    30 Bestower of liberation and life with liberation
    31 Transforms stone intellect into golden intellect
    32 Transforms ordinary human beings into Sri Narayan

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