Posted by: ginalazenby | October 10, 2012

Global Women’s Gathering in Bali – a New Year event, January 2013

Of all the women’s gatherings I organise the most exciting is the one we do in Bali. We held our first one last year and our next one is going to be in the new year: January 4-12th, 2013.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to start 2013 very differently.  It will be a special gathering of women and a superb opportunity to explore how you can create a new future for yourself. The question to ask yourself …. WHO will you become?

This New Year programme is a wonderful 9 day journey starting just a few days into the year on Friday January 4th. This time we have added on an optional extra 1-2 days shopping and bargain-hunting in some of Bali’s cool boutiques that we have found. (retreat website)

Here is the Graduation photo from our event in May 2011 – a real energy shift from the beginning of the week ….. !

We have chosen Bali because it is warm, nourishing, beautiful, spiritual, exotic and makes all your senses come alive there.   We are convening a special co-creative journey of insights, wisdom and spiritual nourishment for women who want to step into the next phase of their lives and create a powerful new YOU. We have created a 9-day programme of transformation for women leaders and change-makers.

There is a  lovely website with videos and photographs of last year’s event and packed with information about our 9-day programme. Do check it out.


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