Posted by: ginalazenby | October 27, 2012

Before and After Photos from a journey of transformation


1980s power suit; softer look in 2008; 2011 the Goddess emerges!

I’ve just been looking at some old photos of me …. crikey! It’s funny how even though we age (and it can be unsettling to look in a well-lit bathroom mirror!) when we look back at some really old photos,  somehow we seem to look older back then. Have you found that?

I found a couple of dramatic promo shots from my days of running a PR agency back in the 80s. Oy vey …… the columns behind me, the sharp suit, dog-tooth check fabric, folded arms, spikey hair … scary!  I have certainly changed and mellowed over the years.  I have been through yet more transformation, particularly in the last 3 years.

What has happened for me is that my outer appearance has somehow changed to match an internal shift. I did not set out to have a makeover …. it was more that my outer persona morphed so that it mirrored the internal changes that have been happening during my greatest years of transition. Now I seem to be expressing externally in my physical appearance more of who I have become … are you following me?

The first one is from the late 80s … you can tell by the jacket. The middle one is about 4 years ago (fussy clothes). And the 3rd picture is me now as I have become in the last couple of years.

So, my secret?  Well, we all do change don’t we but I do feel like I have become either someone else or myself at last. Several things have brought me to this place. I’ve shared about the transforming power of yoga in my life and yes I do take care of myself. Another link in the chain was my time with the Dukun (Medicine Man) in Bali during the last Women’s Retreat there. He did some shifting of my energy and it kind of lit my inner fire …… I highly recommend him.  It was a special kind of magic 🙂

Anyone joining us for the Global Women’s Gathering in Bali for the New Year Retreat you will get to see him too. We are taking you all there for your own personal session. I look forward to seeing your before and after photos!

CLICK HERE for Website for the New Year Retreat in Bali



  1. My Dear friend and Sister Gina….
    Sharing these incredible photo’s really touched my heart in a deep way. I have been honored to witness part of this transformation over the last 5 years. What I see is an incredibly beautiful woman both inside and out, a fearless woman, that for sure has known fear – very deep and very real fear, yet she has emerged like a butterfly from a cocoon that could no longer hold her – freeing herself, and other’s like her, along the way. I love you Gina and I deeply respect all that you have had to face in order to show the world another, deeper, more vulnerable and more beautiful part of YOU. You are a True Sister on the path of Transformation – and the Path Home to Truth. With all my love, Sand xx

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