Posted by: ginalazenby | November 23, 2012

Now is the time for women to step forward

There is a huge flurry of change happening around the world … this is my reading in the Guardian International edition over just this last weekend:
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s now famous misogyny speech was welcomed by feminists across the globe and has become the most-downloaded and viewed political speech in history.  If you are not familiar, she confronted her opponent Tony Abbott on his repeated instances of sexism which included his description of abortion as “the easy way out” and his characterisation of Australian women “as housewives doing the ironing”. He also apparently told unmarried, co-habiting Julia to make an honest woman of herself and get married.

As a result of her use of the word misogyny (wikipedia), which some critics said was mis-used because it originally meant hating women, Australia’s Macquarie Dictionary is now updating their definition of the word to mean “entrenched prejudice against women”. More from the Guardian

On the other hand unmarried women have been the saviour of President Obama driving votes to return him to office. Reportedly, single women have had an enormous influence on the USA election partly in response to the offensive campaigns by Republicans also seen as a ‘war on women’ and partly because of economics. Living alone, with or without children, and without the safety of a second income, Obama’s promises for healthcare, equal pay and support for a social safety net were appealing. More

There’s a glimmer of hope in Somalia, rated as one of the worst places in the world to be a woman, where the incoming president has appointed the first ever female foreign minister. More
Meanwhile in China there has been a change of leadership. The wife of the new President Xi Jinping is China’s most recognised folk singer who began lowering her high public profile in 2007 in readiness for a life in the shadows behind her husband and complete obscurity. There will be no mention of her again and she will not be seen. Apparently this stems from a traditional Chinese fear of women in politics ….. which does not bode well for women as China becomes the next emerging superpower, already number two. Read Guardian story

Women are creating change in many diverse ways … what we need now is more concerted and planned, joint effort. Connections, sharing and gatherings begin to form the synergy we need. It starts with our own personal decision to be more …..

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