Posted by: ginalazenby | November 30, 2012

Reform is the key to women progressing to the top – & women are the key to reform !

63% of ASX500 companies had no female senior execs

“More radical approaches” are called for …
to drive more women into senior leadership positions …
Businesses “need to take the time to understand what is needed and
take direct action to ensure more women thrive
and advance in our workplaces”…..

says Mike Smith Chief Executive of ANZ

Well that is music to my ears!

That statement is in the news coverage in The Australian Newspaper yesterday (27th November, 2012) about the publication of the latest census data by the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency. 63% of ASX500 companies had no female senior execs. None. And Australia trails its overseas peers with only 9.2% of female board directors (in ASX500 companies).

When a top male leadership team wakes up to the shifts happening across the planet and decides to appoint women they find the queue of women waiting outside the boardroom door has gone. Those who were actually waiting for a boardroom/executive place probably became impatient and left .. some went elsewhere in the organisation, possibly to part-time roles so they could juggle family life, others walked out the building, some even left their industry … all so that they could find other creative, flexible, more rewarding and nourishing ways to express themselves and make a living.

I love that word “thrive”.……. it is so loaded with possibility for us. Most resources focus on survival. My goodness, surely we want to go beyond that?  What would working life be like for EVERYBODY if women actually did thrive instead of trying unsuccessfully to cope in work environments mostly dominated by a masculine culture. And I will re-iterate again, the competitive atmosphere and work ethic forced on everyone does not even serve our male colleagues and partners either. You can see that yourself.

We have to KNOW what makes us thrive… !
It’s very timely because we have a great conversation happening next week on Friday December 7th and we’d absolutely love you to be part of it if you live in Sydney.  Get leaflet for event in Sydney
It is time to do things differently

As women it is important for us to find other ways of being that allow us to be successful, effective, valued, respected leaders and change-makers.  The world is in crisis at every level. We ALL have to play our part as CEOs, corporate managers, community leaders, entrepreneurs and as mothers. If we want to step up and make a difference we cannot do this and sacrifice our well-being.    It is time to do things differently.
The dominant culture no longer works
It certainly is time for women to step forward in far greater numbers if we want to see real change in the world. We have to play a much bigger game and it is important that we no longer try to do it the same way as men. We have lost sight of the fact that women think, feel and do things differently. The masculine way of doing things has been created as the dominant culture which does not serve most of us. We don’t need to be against that way ….. it’s time to be for something else.
As women we need to deeply understand and embrace a feminine approach to business, leadership, community and life. That means finding the courage to be authentic in both our personal and professional lives, be more strongly connected to our spiritual selves and intuition …..  and feel confident to bring this inner wisdom to bear (to a much greater degree) in our professional lives in government, corporations and our own enterprises.
australain news
The article headline in The Australian newspaper says “Reform key to women’s progress ..”.
Turn this the other way round …  women are the key to reform.


  1. Yet another great blog post, Gina. Keep them coming!

  2. It has been wonderful to watch you evolve. I remember what ‘mission’ was given to you in Bali at the Masters meeting. Looks like you have taken it to heart and are progressing well. Keep up the amazing work! Hope to connect again.

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