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Special event in Sydney on feminine leadership … how we can do less & create more

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 9.07.10 AMWhilst visiting Sydney I have joined forces with the co-founder of the East Sydney Meditation Centre, Conny Dietzschold, to create a special event for business women and female leaders.  We both wanted to share the wisdom that we have received from Dadi Janki.  Dadi is the 96 year old head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU), the world’s only spiritual organisation led by women. Dadi is now based at the Academy for a Better World in India since taking on her new role of global leader (from joint-head) at age 92. Dadi is an extraordinary, inspiring person and we see that she leads a global organisation in a very different way. We have learned much from her about increasing our effectiveness by leveraging our spiritual strength.

Reading in the media here (see my last blog post) about the low numbers of women in top management, executive and Board level leadership positions in Australia we felt moved to bring a conversation to women about other ways of being effective in the business and corporate world. We are not saying that simply meditating will get you a seat on a Board … what we are saying is that leadership styles are different. The game currently being played in business by women (consciously or unconsciously) is not working so we want to highlight the power of using our soul power and feminine wisdom not only to get ahead, but to live life in a more sustainable way. Women have many roles to juggle and we can be vulnerable to burn out if we don’t have a good practice of self care. Simple practices can support women in changing the way we approach work to effectively mean that we can put in less effort but have the outcomes we need, and more. If you can still be working full-time at 96 with not a single stress and not experience any feeling of being burdened then we think you have access to something worth sharing!

So if you happen to be in reach of Sydney on Friday December 7th do join us for this unique, special event which we have called:

Do less and create more

Conny and I will bring our different insights for how we combine spiritual practice in our professional lives. We have also been fortunate enough to have Whitney Fitzsimmons join us from ABC TV’s Business Today to share how she manages and thrives on a potentially grueling workload and in a high profile stressful environment.

As three women leaders we will share how we have shaped our lives to have personal freedom and achievement ….. without compromising our values and making sacrifices.    We want to share resources and practices with you that help you THRIVE … with the outcome that you can actually do less and create more …….. here are the three of us:

Whitney Fitzsimmons: Guest speaker – ABC Journalist & presenter of Business Today, Australia Network’s leading business & financial program with a viewing audience of 40 million across Asia
Gina Lazenby: Co-host award-winning business consultant, best-selling lifestyle author & CEO of the Women Gathering Project. Based in London, global traveller & author of the forthcoming book ‘The Rise of the Feminine’
Conny Dietzschold: Co-host International art expert with galleries in Sydney, Cologne & Hong Kong; sponsor of both emerging & acclaimed prize-winning artists; co-founder of the Meditation Space, an innovative sanctuary in the heart of Sydney promoting inner peace.

Dadi age 96More about Dadi Janki.
As joint head since1970, she pioneered the expansion of the BKWSU spiritual organisation established in India in 1936, to become a global leader in 130 countries with 10,000 centres. The BKWSU is a role model for success and achievement in a new paradigm. We need to see what is possible and here we have an example.    The whole organisation delivers a very high standard of spiritual, self-awareness, values-based and peace-making programmes to millions of people at no cost through a global army of volunteers. How do they do that? And how does Dadi continue to work actively in this organisation as its visionary leader at the age of 96?

Whilst many men are part of the organisation and play important roles as organisers and teachers, the leadership continues to be by women

We see this as a time to do things differently.

As women it is important for us to find other ways of being that allow us to be successful, effective, valued, respected leaders and change-makers.  The world is in crisis at every level. We ALL have to play our part as CEOs, corporate managers, community leaders, entrepreneurs and as mothers. If we want to step up and make a difference we cannot do this and sacrifice our well-being.    It is time to do things differently.

The dominant culture is harmful to women and it no longer works for anyone

It certainly is time for women to step forward in far greater numbers if we want to see real change in the world. We have to play a much bigger game and it is important that we no longer try to do it the same way as men. We have lost sight of the fact that women think, feel and do things differently. The masculine way of doing things has been created as the dominant culture which does not serve most of us. We don’t need to be against that way ….. it’s time to be for something else.

Women have access to different qualities to bring to our leadership

As women we need to deeply understand and embrace a feminine approach to business, leadership, community and life. That means finding the courage to be authentic in both our personal and professional lives, be more strongly connected to our spiritual selves and intuition …..  and feel confident to bring this inner wisdom to bear (to a much greater degree) in our professional lives in government, corporations and our own enterprises.

The article headline in The Australian newspaper (see my blog post) says “Reform key to women’s progress”. Turn this the other way round … women are the key to reform.

Join us on December 7th:

at the Meditation Space, 99 Crown St, E Sydney 12-2.30pm

Link to download the leaflet
Link to book
No charge for the event.


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