Posted by: ginalazenby | January 24, 2013

Do you ever have doubts?

Circular Quay

A blog reader who seemingly appeared from nowhere to reassure me, in a moment doubt, that I am not whistling into the wind as I sometimes think I am … LOL (Please get in touch when you see this photo)

……. I mean do you wonder what’s next ….. whether you are doing the RIGHT thing?  My life is all about living in the FLOW and having complete trust that everything will work out in some form or other.  I do have rather a magical existence as I travel. This trip will be over 4 months out on the road and I don’t always know exactly where I am going to be next, why I am there and what I am supposed to be doing. I am living without a fixed agenda and letting things unfold.

Now that sounds all rather lovely but it does not mean that it isn’t a bit scary now and then or that I don’t have doubts. I do.  What I have learned to do is to work with them. I get into dialogue with my doubt.

I have mastered the power of asking the positive question and not just making the ridiculous statement. Let me give you an example.  Prior to Christmas I was online a great deal creating newsletters and blogging about the forthcoming women’s new year workshop in Bali. It takes quite a bit of effort to take the seed of an idea or an insight and build an interesting story around it … one that entertains or informs and hopefully provides value as well as giving useful insights into what I might be working on. And I don’t always get feedback online … WHO really has time to say “Thank you for your delightful, informative newsletter/video which I enjoyed reading/watching” ……. I mean, really, we don’t always have the luxury of time to tell others how we feel about something and what it might have meant to us.

So one morning, in a mood filled with doubt …. and feeling like I put so much effort into writing and for what? …….  I asked the question… “Does anyone read my blog?”.  Note here that I did not say “I bet nobody reads my blog”. I asked a question rather than made a statement. It was rather a desperate plea for the Universe to come back to me with some reassurance.

Later that day I was walking around Circular Quay in Sydney and a woman rushed up to me and said: “Gina Lazenby, you don’t know me but I read your blog!!”  I mean you can’t make it up can you?!   You really can’t. Bless her …. and I can’t remember her name. I hope she sees herself here and lets me know. (Sorry, I remembered it at the time but did not write it down).

She said she was English living in France, was visiting her sister who lives in Perth and they had come back from a wedding (in Tasmania …?) and were having a day out in Sydney where they ran into me. We’d never met before but she actually spotted me in the crowd (what are the odds?!).  She enthusiastically explained to her sister that I was running a women’s workshop in Bali in January and had been the author of a story about domestic violence in Australia that she had passed on to her.

Well thank you dear friend. It was both a delightful encounter and an opportunity for me to be given a little magical reassurance from the Universe (or whoever is out there listening to our pleas and questions) just when I needed it … and please note that it happened on the day I just put out the question.


1 Trust …. my mantra and life philosophy that serves me so well is “The Universe is Always Working in my Favour”. Always. No matter how bad things look I train myself to search for the silver lining or hidden gift. What beautiful treasure is hidden underneath the wrapping of that brown paper parcel .. what diamond is covered over by the crusty layer of coal?  Banish your doubt by asking the universe for some kind of sign to reassure you that where you are is where you are meant to be.

2 Ask Great Questions: the power is always in the well-crafted question. Sometimes even thinking it will bring forth an answer. And in asking the right question you really don’t need to know the answer. Not knowing an answer will often stop people from asking a question in the first place … WRONG. You simply need to ask a good quality question and an answer will come .. in some form. Avoid making disempowering statements. When you feel challenged turn the commentary about a situation into a question…. “Hmmm that’s interesting! I wonder what it means for me… how can I use this new scenario… what’s useful here now ….. what can I learn?”

3 Synchronicities:  Watch out for them and other signs. The Universe is always communicating with us in symbols. Sometimes we can a very direct and tangible response like I did with that chance meeting on the quayside. Be open, be ready, be vigilant.

QUESTION FOR YOU:  What synchronicities or magic moments have you experienced in your life? Do share here ……



  1. Dear Gina,

    It was I who rushed up to you enthusiastically and said how much I enjoyed your blog and what you were doing. My name is Julie Cummings-Debrot. I have been following you for about 4 years and have past your blog onto many friends and acquaintances. I couldn’t believe that we literally walked into each other that day. I too had been having many doubts of my own but the serendipity of you being there at that moment (we could have so easily missed each other) was astounding and blew me away. Only a couple of days before I’d received your fascinating video interview of the Australian author who had written about domestic violence in that country, which effectively I had sent on to my sister (also with me that day) and to some of her friends.We had just come from her son’s wedding in Canberra a couple of days before.

    I hope one day to come to one of your retreats and get the opportunity of learning more from you. You already share much of what you truly believe in – please don’t doubt the positive effect this is having on many readers (male or female) around the globe.

    My personal philosophy in life is “The more we share, the more we grow” – thank you for everything you have shared already with your bloggers.

    Kindest regards


    • Lovely to hear from you Julie….. it’s lovely to be part of each other’s stories 🙂 See you on the highways of life again somewhere…… thanks for touching base. Gina x

  2. Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing?

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