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Four key steps to a new story of YOU

Carved in stone - Version 2

Truly nothing is carved in stone …. what we think to be true and fixed about our lives can always be changed. And sometimes the stories we tell about ourselves from the past can really hold us back. We can limit our futures by how we see our past.  So what if you really could let the old go and come up with a new story ….. ? Who could you be?  The work of delving in to our old story and really letting it go was the foundation of our women’s transformation programme (see blog post) which we have just held in Bali, in the New Year helping a small group of women find a new sense of self.  I am doing a mini-workshop on this in Sydney on Saturday February 9th if you are around (link for more info and booking) …. I’ll distill some of what we did in Bali and help you have a more powerful start to 2013. It’s actually the Feng Shui New Year on Monday Feb 4th so this is the perfect time. Here are some tips to get your started …

Four key steps to creating a new story for the New You …..

1 So what IS your story: .. listen to how you talk about yourself.  When you speak to others how does it make you feel when you ‘listen’ in on your own conversation. Are you excited and energised or are there things that you are holding back, covering up, glossing over? Ask yourself if it is time to let any of it go…. is there any of it that is built on pain or guilt? Are you fighting back from some past disappointment?  How much of what you say is about the future?   Ask a friend for feedback but truly, if you ask YOURSELF the question, you will get an answer back in your body that either makes you uncomfortable or feeling light. You cannot lie to yourself.

1+ Review what you say about yourself: in print or online if you have a digital existence as most of us do now. Is it the current truth?  Does it excite you or is it now tired and energy-draining. Is it congruent with your desires or do you think it holds you back in some way with a limiting expression of who you are?

2 Start the letting go: decide what still works and what it is time to let go of. If what you say about yourself is not compelling to you it will be equally uninspiring for everyone else. I have met people who carry the same life-defining narrative which limits their future possibilities because they have trapped themselves in some past painful experience. Nothing is fixed. Anything can be changed, used or reframed in a more positive life-enhancing way.  Be honest with yourself … what is finally time to discard?

3 Who are you now …. or who are you becoming?  It’s now time to live in the present with an eye on the future rather than to have your past overshadow you everyday.  The energy coming in at this time is supporting you being highly creative, innovative and limitless about who you could be and what you could do. Go with it. Be outrageous .. think of the naivety with which a child will write out a Christmas list. Don’t think about the HOW in any of this … just re-connect with your deepest heart knowing for yourself and why you are here on planet earth. It’s really time to live a life of purpose and joy.  Trust me that moment is way overdue. Change your frequency by expecting the highest and best for yourself in what you can receive and how you can be of service to the world.

In Bali, we did this as a facilitated process over 9 days and achieved some massive, life-changing transformations for the women attending. The energy that we set up in the group of women who each felt guided to be part of it enabled us to achieve transformation that could have taken weeks anywhere else. Asking yourself these questions and being in an optimistic state of self enquiry is going to be helpful in your own moving forward.

Our New Moon Fire Ceremony in Bali where our lists of intentions were released into the flames

Our New Moon Fire Ceremony in Bali where our lists of intentions were released into the flames

4 Start claiming and owning that New You with new language. That is what we worked on in Bali …. looking at powerful ways to see and articulate who we are becoming.  From this place we created lists of what we wanted to bring in to our lives and anchored these in at a  90-minute Fire Ceremony during the New Moon in the presence of four Balinese priests. You may not be able to replicate that but you can come up with your own special way of creating a ritual that will support you in releasing your intentions out into the ether or into the hands of God … whatever works for your spiritual belief system. The Feng Shui New Year on Feb 4th might be a good date for a personal ritual or the next New Moon on Feb 10th.
While I am still in Sydney, before flying north for the spring in Yorkshire, I’m leading a mini workshop on this and sharing insights into how you can start to embrace powerful change in your life on Saturday Feb 9th 11am-1pm (more info on this 2-hour free event at Crown Street, East Sydney). I’ll share how I have changed my story over the years and re-written my future. DO JOIN ME if you live in Sydney…..

Tell me about what you are letting go of and what your new story is … I’d LOVE to hear.


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