Posted by: ginalazenby | February 7, 2013

Do machines know what we are thinking?


It’s been an interesting start to the feng shui New Year this week – yet again my machinery seems to be tuned in to my own internal psycho-emotional circuitry. It’s happened before. During one summer when I really felt I was losing the plot and my head was physically hurting from overwhelm, my Macbook decided it would also have a digital dizzy spell.

The Apple shop repair guy was convinced the computer had been dropped (it had not) and needed replacing. I had no choice but to buy a new one: larger, faster, sexier.  It was a total upgrade and now all my stuff had plenty more space to float around in. My thinking was much better too. Somehow I ahd gone through my own upgrade.   Suddenly there was more space inside my head … going through my own internal shifts at the time, I noticed I was in sync with my Mac (or it with me).

This has happened on numerous occasions. If there is a list of adjectives that I can come up with to describe what’s out of sorts with my computing or technology, you can bet your bottom dollar that my life will somehow be a mirror. Others have recognised this too … there seems to be some law about machinery sensing your mood. Have you ever stood over a photocopier with an urgent task only to discover that everything inside that can jam will do so? I discovered a delightful blog post with a sign above a photocopier warning people NOT to let the machine know if they were in a hurry.

This is the start of the new year with a wave of new energy is coming in to lift us all up for the year ahead. It’s all about change and finding new ways of being and doing. I can feel, again, that I am emerging in to a new way of doing things. Consciousness is shifting and the world is spiraling up to something far better. My latest, brand new Retina Display Macbook is obviously in tune with this planetary rewiring. By chance I had an appointment with the Genius on Monday morning; it was booked a week in advance when I had a problem with the Mail which had since corrected itself. I had the feeling to leave the appointment in place … just in case. Over the weekend my mouse stopped responding and took on a life of its own. I filmed the willful little blighter to show the Genius at the Apple Store. He was perplexed. He immediately offered a repair or a replacement machine.

I took the new computer. I know by now that this is some kind of divine hand working here …… not only changing my own internal thought processes over this new year period but also supporting me by making sure the equipment on which I am so dependent is brand new and the latest version. When I go through an upgrade so does my nearest companion … my Macbook 🙂  The theme of upgrading continued through the day with me needing to download and upgrade various softwares and even new passwords for my twitter account which was hacked.

So all in all, the new year is off to a good start. Out with the old and in with the brand new !!
Anyone else had a similar experience?


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