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women entrepreneurs share their secret stories in new women’s business book published

Pilgrim Mother book

Modern Pilgrim Mothers …

….Women opening up new horizons in business

I’m delighted to share with you a brilliant new book which is unusual because it is a business book about women and written by a woman … if you think about it, it is rare to find a business book that is not written by a man.

I think we are all coming to realise how different women are  …. we see things differently, we react to problems differently, we find solutions differently, we laugh at different things, our priorities are different ….. our brains are wired differently and our biological make-up gives us a profoundly different experience of living in the world.  And so it is entirely logical that we are going to do business differently to the way men have done it for centuries and Jane Noble Knight sees this. Jane herself made a big shift when she transitioned from a high-powered corporate job in the city as head of training for a big bank to morphing into an author and publisher of inspirational books that witness a revolution that is quietly and earnestly happening … how women are doing business differently. During her many years of transitioning out of her corporate identity (some of you will know what that is like and the challenges that journey can hold!) which took her through several years of studying many different modalities of learning, healing and self-enquiry. Along the way Jane became very inspired by women leaders and entrepreneurs who were on a different path to achievement and with different measurements for success.

Jane and Gina 1 large

Gina Lazenby interviews author Jane Noble Knight

Jane now calls herself a Pilgrim Mother and this came from finding out about the women who were on the Mayflower but who have been long-forgotten by history. (interesting that it is called HIS story and not HER story ..!)   Jane told me how the world remembers the Pilgrim Fathers who set sail for America 400 years ago looking for new horizons and became the founding fathers of America. Yet although they did not sail alone, their wives, the Pilgrim Mothers, have all but been written out of the history books. Now Jane is on a quest to celebrate modern Pilgrim Mothers putting the spotlight on women who are opening up new horizons and doing business differently. I was inspired by her story and agreed to be included in her first book, in fact I was very honoured and grateful to be invited to do so.

When I asked her what it takes to be a Pilgrim Mother and she said it is about “women pushing the boundaries by being authentic and who they truly are  … women successfully doing business using their feminine qualities, intuition, creating communities, developing relationships, leaving legacies …. and much more ..

Some of the other nine women entrepreneurs featured in the new Inspiring Journeys of Women Entrepreneurs book include Rachel Elnaugh, the first woman to be included in the BBC’s Dragon’s Den; Dawn Gibbins MBE and Gill Fielding, both of whom have appeared on Channel 4‘s Secret Millionaire  and Penny Power who, as co-founder of Ecademy, is appropriately known as the Internet Mummy in the UK.

The book has had wonderful feedback and has already become an Amazon best-seller. Each of the online reviews has ***** 5 stars …. here are some highlights to give you a flavour of the impact of the stories she has shared.

Feedback on the book has been very enthusiastic……

An inspiring book that contains a message of hope for the future“, 26 Feb 2013
Inspirational book everyone should read,” 28 Feb 2013
Spiritually aware and financially successful, a powerful message to women in business“, 5 Mar 2013
“A Gem of A Book“, 6 Mar 2013
Every story reveals another secret“, 11 Mar 2013
A Legacy in the making!“, 11 Mar 2013

I found the stories so profound and touching I savoured each one…  These, hopefully, are the business models of the twenty-first century.”
The range of powerful experienced entrepreneurs Jane interviewed all have one thing in common, all serve through their activities from the heart and feminine wisdom – and they are proof that this energy can be a very powerful way to manage a business and be successful. This book is highly recommended as a study on how to be spiritually aware, have a strong sense of service to others and build a solid financial foundation

Jane Noble Knight has brought together so much in this book. She has a natural interviewing style that draws you in to the book as you get a real insight into the lives and stories that each of the entrepreneurs have to share, full of wisdom and humility.

I don’t often review books, but this one deserves all the recognition it gets.
It’s simple to read, with each women’s story in a separate chapter. I found that I got something of value from every story. I have since researched some of the women, and am now enjoying their wisdom on my journey.
……. it has already helped me to improve my working practice. Thank you Jane for writing this book.”
Buy the book on Amazon now.



  1. Thank you, Gina. It is through women like yourself, pioneering your way through business and the corporate world, who have created these new successful ways that can be replicated by women and men alike.

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