Posted by: ginalazenby | April 25, 2013

Couple die within hours .. 74 years married


My Mum just shared her sadness at losing some very good friends. At age 101 and 107, Evelyn and Arthur were not likely to be around for many more years.  What is incredible is that they passed away within 9 hours of each other.

Married in 1939, fit and lively right up to the last couple of years (Arthur finally decided to give up driving at about age 101) they started to deteriorate in the last few weeks and became fragile quite quickly. One day last week Arthur passed away. Evelyn was asleep and apparently did not wake up joining Arthur nine hours later. What an AMAZING way to go….. you can’t call that a coincidence!  I think they must have decided that, finally, it was time.

They were a whole generation older than my Mum and Dad … at age 79 and 81 they have lost friends who were their own parents’ generation. I think that is a harder loss to bear than losing friends your own age especially since my grandparents passed away so young. My Mum was about 11 when she lost her mother and my Dad was eight when he lost his. Older, wiser friends always hold a special place in our hearts.

Evelyn and Arthur regaled them with their stories of long ago … they grew up in an age where it was not unusual to cycle from Carlisle to London! They seemed to have a great sense of humour with tunes from All Creatures Great & Small and Dad’s Army TV show themes played at their joint funeral.  74 years together and they decide to leave on the same day, twin coffins in procession, together until the absolute end.

God bless them and their family.


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