Posted by: ginalazenby | April 26, 2013

a model for feminine leadership with a 76 year track record of success

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Feminine Leadership in action – London event

If we are looking for new ways of caring for the planet, moving the world forward and making business more sustainable .. of re-thinking the way global finance works instead of simply recovering from the latest banking crisis, would we think to look at a spiritual organisation for inspiration?

Beyond taking personal benefit from meditation, would we think that lessons can be learnt from the organisation that seeks to wake up our souls? Indeed there is something very interesting to look at.

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU), the only spiritual organisation in the world led by women today offers a 76 year track record as proof that the feminine way really does work. If the Dalai Lama is right and “the world will be saved by western woman” then we need to step up our game and take advice from women who are already being pioneers of change and feminine leadership.

BKWSU is no insignificant entity. It is a global network which now reaches out to 130 countries with over 5500 centres and over one million teachers and long-term students.  At its head is Dadi Janki who was there at the start in 1930s India and today, at age 97, she leads the organisation.

From day one the constitution determined that the leadership roles would always be taken by women. The organisation represents an astoundingly rich resource and treasure trove for exploring the new solutions we need, and none more so than Dadi herself.

I recommend you clear your diary on the evening of May 7th and join us for an inquiry into a very different way of leading and running an operation. We are going to ask Dadi Janki to share her secrets from being a global leader and spiritual teacher for over seven decades. Not only has she not retired but she is actively involved every day without any anxiety, high-powered activity, forceful direction or stress. (register here for free event)

If you have never met her, then you need to be in the room with Dadi to feel her grace and presence. Where does this power come from? How does she mobilise thousands of volunteers across the globe to deliver the BK’s many educational programmes? How can she guide us as women to see our value and unique gifts without getting caught up with our egos? I am sure you can add to the many questions I want her to answer.

Quite honestly, at age 97 this could well be the last opportunity you have to meet this ‘world mother’ and Wisdom Keeper in person.

London event details

Tuesday May 7th, 2013
Brahma Kumaris UK Headquarters
Global Cooperation House
65 Pound Lane, London NW10 2HH

Arrive 6pm tea & biscuits
6.30pm gather for meditation & dialogue with Dadi Janki

This programme is free.

Please register here in advance

This programme on feminine leadership is also open to men       interested to attend


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