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The new Pilgim Mother movement gathers in London …

The new Pilgim Mother movement gathers apace ...

the London celebration of Jane Noble’s Knight new book “Inspiring Journeys of Women Entrepreneurs” April 2013

On April 10th, a group of women, including a handful of men interested in supporting the Rise of the Feminine, gathered at my London home for a supper party, circle meeting and discussion. (Read the report)

The author Jane Noble Knight came down from her home in Wales, and a few others travelled great distances too – from Chester, Ilkley & Newcastle to join our throng and celebrate Jane’s book. Jane was inspired by the original Pilgrim Mothers to showcase successful business women and the private stories behind their achievements as inspirational role models for other enterprising women. I am thrilled to be included in this first book of nine published, along with Marie-Claire Carlyle (The Money Magnet author) who attended, along with Shelley Bridgeman who is featured in the next edition.

The original Pilgrim Mothers set sail on the Mayflower from Southampton in 1620 for the new world. History remembers the Pilgrim Fathers but their wives, who accompanied them to start a new British colony in the new world, are never mentioned. (Interestingly, at our London evening, Cathryn McNaughton born on the USA Pacific Coast but now resident here in the UK for the last thirty years, is a descendant of that expedition of the Pilgrim Mothers!)

P1100648It was a beautiful evening, the atmosphere charged with excitement, friendship, community and creativity. People were in an immediate buzz of conversation as soon as they arrived.  I cooked a 2-course vegetarian supper which was enjoyed. It was hard to break in to the animated conversations but after eating we gathered in a circle to recognise each person attending and to acknowledge Jane’s journey in publishing this lovely book. Some women who had read it and found out about our launch evening were inspired to join and share their appreciation of it.

After our circle the gathering broke into small groups to discuss these three questions:

  1. What does feminine leadership look like?
  2. How can the way that women do business transform the culture of business?
  3. What does it take for women to flourish in corporations?

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 6.31.59 PMThe groups reported back on their discussions. The summaries were recorded and the insights transcribed on this document.

  • Of note was the wisdom, knowledge and passion in the room. Like a “war cabinet” … if a major challenge had been thrown at us I am sure this group could have brought forth a solution and made it happen.
  • The sharing was honest, heartfelt and thoughtful.
  • We emerged a very well-thought out summary of the different qualities of the   masculine and feminine way of working and leading.
  • The approach notionally associated with the masculine way of working was often referred to as the old paradigm/old model whereas the feminine was associated with a new order/new approach to business and leadership.
  • It was highlighted that we need to look at the words we use and change the language for how we express masculine/male and feminine/female ways so as not to diminish one gender.
  • Many personal anecdotes illuminated different aspects of the experience of women in work, in leadership, in business.
  • It was very clear that the women believed their skill sets were very different to men’s and we have much to bring to the party which contributes and adds value, rather than dilutes.
  • Although we only had a handful of men with us, it was delightful to embrace both perspectives, yet it was a highly feminine evening and we concluded with how important it is for the genders to collaborate and work together.

Jane’s book is definitely worth a read, as is the report from the evening.  To read the report click here:  Celebration Pilgrim Mother new book April 2013

The Pilgrim Mothers successfully set sail this evening for the shores of a new world order …..

The next Women’s Gatherings:

at Gina’s home in London is Thursday May 23rd. Book here.

at Gina’s Healthy Home in Yorkshire on Saturday May 18th. Book here.


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