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Top 10 wisdom insights from the northern Women’s Gathering

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Oh what a wonderful gathering of women we had on Saturday in the Healthy Home .. such heartfelt sharing and deep connection. Once we have connected in community over food and sit down in a circle, it’s amazing the quality of sacred space that is created. And into this space we can share so much of ourselves, delving deep down for rich insights which nourish us all. Thank you to all the beautiful sisters who travelled so far to be part of this special gathering … (from Wigan, from Newport Wales, from St Helens, from Leeds, from Doncaster … from Newcastle). I thought I’d share just a few treasures that came out of our conversation.

  1. We know it is better to focus on the quality and not the quantity. Sometimes only a few people show up for an offering that we have and yet we know that those people who come are exactly the perfect ones who should be there. It is always important to keep on trusting
  2. It is never too late to start something new….at any age. More and more women are starting new careers & new businesses later in life. J is now an author at age 61 & is publishing her second book; M is creating a new website and legacy business at age 67.
  3. Let’s not be defined by what other people think we are capable of, or not capable of. J shared how her teacher put her at the bottom of the class for stories and called her “too whimsical”. This meant that J never identified herself as a writer any time in her life, until now. It is so important for us to reach beyond what we’re comfortable with and widen our sense of self beyond what we know.
  4. Patience and allowing are more important qualities than pushing and striving. This is a lesson we have all had to learn and its serves us well when we can all trust to do this. It is both more elegant and fruitful.
  5. We are finally finding out who we are beyond the roles. This is really important work and something J was involved in as a quest in her 50s, while F asked searching questions about this when aged only 24. Who are we beyond the work role, career and relationship? At any age these questions must be answered. L talked about recent experiences which had ‘unzipped her’ and allowed her to find out, finally, who she is.
  6. Trusting brings a sense of rightness for everything. If we trust that the right clients exist for us and will find us then we will not feel the need to compete. If we can’t easily find something, then we need to trust that it will find us.
  7. The search for the true self can mean that sometimes we may need to be selfish. Putting ourselves first and not getting caught up in other people’s stories is really important. It is not easy but we have to know when it is the right time to move on.
  8. We have to be careful when we give, give, give … if we are enthusiastic and in flow and it is effortless to give, then that is fine; but if we are exhausted by our giving then we have to change what we doing and take time to replenish ourselves and be open to receiving.
  9. Life is precious and that was appreciated by both the younger and older among us. Loss can be a big driver. The loss of a dear sister, suddenly one night in her sleep,  reminded one woman that we never know if we have a tomorrow. We have to get on with what’s important and shine now.
  10. P1100878 - Version 2As pioneers we have no path to follow… as trailblazers it is up to us to blaze our own trail. That is why it is important for us to gather in circles like this and affirm each others and hold the space for each other to grow to our best. This is great nourishment and encouragement for us to do what we are here to do. One woman had felt that there was something wrong with her because she did not have everything mapped out ahead of her in life … but by being in a state of trust, following inner guidance, she knows not to focus on how the future will be created but to allow what is present now to unfold as it needs, to and be an active witness to her own life.

we all enjoyed a delicious wholefood lunch cooked in the Healthy Home kitchen – many hands make light work !

Gina Lazenby
Women Gathering Project


  1. Great Insights Gina.

  2. Great resume of our conversation. Wonderful gathering as always. xx

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