Posted by: ginalazenby | August 26, 2013

Do women make better leaders?

This is a question that I will be looking at when I speak at the Living Big Dinner on Thursday August 29th. I have been invited by Ian Young … although he asked me to speak before he heard the title of my talk ! Just joking … it’s a lovely community of socially conscious entrepreneurs and business people wanting to stretch themselves and open themselves to new thinking so that they can really make a difference in the world.

The subject I am passionate about is feminine wisdom and how women can bring their unique gifts and talents to create the kind of change that the world needs right now.

I shall be talking about feminine leadership and:

  1. how substantial research increasingly points to a future where women will make better leaders and men who learn to think like women will be more successful …. a contentious idea which really needs to be explored.
  2. how the future success of business will be determined by the way organisations leverage their female talent. We are entering a new era where many of the qualities that business practice needs to be sustainable are second nature to women.
  3. so forget quotas and rulings for more women executives on Boards … when business leaders really come to understand the true potential of women, they will do everything they can to stop the loss of talent happening now and will be actively seeking the engagement of women leaders without any prompting from legislators.

At the last evening, Ian asked the audience what questions they might have for me at this event so I will be answering those too and reporting back here:

  • have men got feminine energy?
  • what is the best way to enhance feminine energy?
  • how can you get women who operate from their masculine energy to understand the power of working from their feminine energy instead?

If you live in/near London and would like to join us on Thursday and be part of this conversation then book here.


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