Posted by: ginalazenby | November 8, 2013

Cooperation is the new fuel for business


Gina Lazenby, meets Berny Dorfmann in LA … he loved the idea of
the Women Gathering Project

Once upon a time, every person who ever had a lesson in business, no matter how short was ALWAYS asked about the ‘competition’ …. other people and other businesses to be feared and fought. The name of the game has always been about beating the competition and getting a bigger slice of the pie.

Well, today, there is a movement which really pioneers what I feel is a very feminine trait ….cooperation. Forget the idea of competing. When we cooperate and collaborate with each other we increase the chances of success for ourselves, for others and we add to the positive environment of the enterprise economy.  CEOSpace is a cooperative forum for entrepreneurs which teaches much-needed skills of fund-raising and business development at Tradeshow style events where multi-millionaire mentors rub shoulders with owners of business at all stages of growth.  The prime force championed by founder and chairman Berny Dorfmann is what he calls “cooperative networking” where the first question on anyone’s mind is “How can I support you?”. A refreshing concept!

This is definitely a new shift in business culture and I got to hear more about it today when I was in Los Angeles and met with CEOSpace Chairman Berny Dorfmann. I was fortunate enough to have an hour’s one to one coaching with him and receive a fast-track lesson in fund-raising for business.

CEOSpace seems to be quite the force in business today. With the recession biting hard in America and millions out of work with no hope of finding a job in an economy which has exported so much manufacturing employment overseas, becoming the entrepreneur is one of a limited number of options. But where to train and get informed after you have had an education that was mainly focussed on getting you on the assembly line or sending you into a corporate office – the modern factory! Even when you have some business knowledge, the learning curve can be shortened considerably if you have access to good mentoring.

CEOSpace has pioneered for itself a massive niche in this growing sector and Berny has masterminded brilliant business coaching for thousands of entrepreneurs, raising billions of dollars in investment. And his mantra is all about helping, giving, paying-it-forward, cooperating, going the extra mile and giving a hand up to anyone who needs one. I certainly appreciated his words of wisdom about where my business energy is going. It is not often that you get access to high level corporate know-how, and rarer still to be given it for free, from a spirit of generosity and wanting another to succeed. And I was thrilled that Berny loved the Women Gathering Project; he’s passionate about seeing more women become more successful and he gave my project a big thumbs up.

So forget the competitive advantage ….. take a leaf out of Berny’s book and think about how you can reach out, cooperate and make a new friend in business.


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