Posted by: ginalazenby | December 16, 2013

9 pieces of Feminine Wisdom shared in Bali at our Women’s Gathering


We started with a delicious lunch created out of the contributions we all brought together .. this is always creative and enjoyable as we none of us know how the meal will evolve. On top of that is the nourishment of our conversation. The afternoon discussion unfolded and here are nine pieces of Feminine Wisdom that emerged from our circle time together:

1 Receiving:  We all know that we like to give and yet, so many of us can find it very difficult to receive. If you think about it, when you do that you are not giving someone else the chance to feel good about giving. So when we get too self-contained and unwilling to be in that receptive space, the universe can send along a lesson that makes us stop and be on the receiving end of the much-needed contributions of others. Giving and receiving are linked together, energy forces intertwined and we have to master both. It’s quite an art learning to synthesise our capacity to act powerfully and still be able to access the quiet, still aspect of ourselves that empowers our actions through its silence.

2 Be selective, don’t take on too much:  a good question to ask ourselves as opportunities appear is “Is this mine to do?”  Really sit with this because however attractive it looks, maybe this task simply isn’t yours. And the second part of that powerful question is “Is this mine to do right now?” Nine times out of ten this could be a No. Heed that.

3 Uncertainty:   an extremely powerful place for us to be is in the “Don’t Know” and it is one we could well have spent years resisting. Why would we want to be here ….. it can even be hard to form the words “I don’t know” in our mouths. And yet, however uncomfortable it seems, the space of not knowing is one of the most creative. That moment of saying I don’t know opens you up unlimited possibilities of what could be and those magical words serve as an invitation for those new possibilities to reveal themselves to you … as long as you have not stepped forward in your usual knowing. This is a tough one because our identity can really become attached to what we think we know. But it’s courageous to go to the very edge of uncertainty and doubt and explore life anew.

4 Masculine vs Feminine way:   most of us have experience of being super achievers and successful business women by fully taking on and embracing our masculine qualities and drive. This can show up as our tendency to be too assertive, antagonistic, putting ourselves under great pressure for goals and deadlines (even when others don’t) … in some cases we might be more dominant and aggressive than the men around us (we’ll show ‘em!).  It almost always ends in tears. Something usually pulls us up short and gets us to understand the message of balance. We don’t need to operate like this and nobody wants us to. We then learn how little we can be in charge of anything…. how much more fun it is to be co-creative with the universe and to tap in to our feminine power. Ease and grace become not only attractive energies but also productive ones.

5 Appreciate our gifts:   it started somewhere … this tendency to look outside all the time at others, wishing we were like them or as good as. If only we would look within and see the treasures that we do have already. Very often others will see these gifts even when we can’t. How wonderful it is when we come across a champion, a man or a woman, or makes space for us, sees our potential and helps the process of unlocking, revealing and appreciating what we have inside. It can be as simple as asking for our opinion and then really listening to what we say. We can be those champions for each other. We all need champions to support our empowerment.

6 Women as midwives:   the role of a midwife is about supporting what works. As we all see the massive change happening in the world and witness the degradation and destruction of the old systems that are no longer serving the world, we wonder what our role might be. When it’s clear that things are falling apart then women have two roles to play: the first one is the role of hospicing out the old and supporting the change process as these old ways and expired energies leave. The second role is that of midwifing in the new. That is where we need to put our attention now because as things continue to disintegrate it is even more important that our focus is on bringing in the new ways of being and doing for the planet.

7 Self care:   how many times do we have to say this to each other … “take care of yourself”. This is probably the most important thing for us to do. We cannot realise how compelling it is for another when we show up in a positive and high vibrational state. This can only happen if we practice self love and self care .. to feel that we are worthy of it is a huge first leap for many. And sacrificing ourselves for the good of others or worthy projects is so unsustainable. We have to be role models for the new ways and be resilient. Take time out for silence and stillness. Fill your life with beauty and joy and healthy practices… each act of self love contributes the well-being of the planet.

8 Be the instrument:   a continuation of self care is the practice of increasing our self awareness and more deeply understanding who we are and what we bring. From this our purpose usually emerges because it is much easier to show up in a project or collaborative venture and make your valuable contribution if you really understand who you are and where you fit in to the piece that is taking shape. Our purpose is rarely found outside of the context of a group or opportunity. That is when we become the instrument through which the divine does its work. Understanding how we can best contribute depends on us seeing our gifts and then bringing them forth for the good of the group or venture. Be in the enquiry of what vehicle or change for instrument you are.

9 Waiting, breathing:   the more you can be in the moment then the easier it is going to be for you to recognise when the time is right. We are always wondering “when”. When will it happen, when will I know? Everything will be revealed at the perfect moment and the more you reside in the “now” the easier it is for spirit to locate you with its request. Life moves forward one frame a time and keep yourself in that frame. Breath in the moment. Be in the moment. Keep yourself aligned so as soon as anything changes, you can sense it.


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