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Pechakucha night in Bali .. 6 minute talk on video

Pechakucha is a short talk … you have 20 slides and each one is shown for 20 seconds before automatically rolling on. It takes about 6 minutes and the idea is that you share something that you are passionate about. Of course you have all heard the expression .. if you had wanted a shorter speech you should have given me more notice. It takes many hours to craft your message into a shorter space….. it’s fun and it’s good practice. I prefer to breath and connect with my audience but that’s not the format here. It is immensely good training for really getting to the point. This was me in Ubud, Bali on December 9th when I stepped in and took over at the last minute for a presenter who pulled out.

  1. What I am speaking about today is the fact that the world is in a mess, and that’s an understatement  ….  We are lacking good, wise leadership.  We need a new way of leading – what we have now is not working and it is actually the source of the problems.   Image: Magical Leadership & Mary Poppins opener
  2. The question is:  What does this good, new, wise leadership look like? Well, there is some very interesting new research published by two men in “The Athena Doctrine” How women will rule the Future. 64,000 people were questioned in 13 countries and basically, 66% of men and women both said “the world would be better if men thought more like women”. Image: Athena Doctrine Book title
  3.  32,000 people were asked for the optimum qualities of leadership that people are looking. They came up with these:  Patient, Empathetic, Collaborative, Intuitive, Selfless, Flexible, Reasonable, Plans for Future Image: Leadership Traits WORDS
  4. Extensive research said: All the optimum qualities of leadership that people are looking for are ….. FEMININE. This graph shows the traits the group saw as being the ones strongly related to desired leadership is: Flexibility, Intuition, Expressive, Selfless, Patient, Empathetic, Collaborative, Loyal ….   (the masculine traits on the left are really part of the old paradigm) Image: Leadership Graph
  5. Another piece of information that supports the shift that is happening … here is an image from Dr Riane Eisler’s work where she talks about the two ways in which human societies are organised. Either in a Dominator hierarchy where power and control hold everyone in place versus a Partnership structure where the emphasis is on relationships and caring, and where power is used to empower each other.  Image:  triangle & circle from Caring Economy
  6. Women are also seen as wiser risk takers ….. the authors highlight a 2009 Hedge Fund Survey that said Funds run by women outperformed those run by men, over 9 straight years. A study by Credit Suisse revealed that over a 6- year period shares of large companies  with women on boards, outperformed all male boards by 26%  Image: Superheroine flying
  7. Where women are present in key roles, it’s clear that from dozens of surveys that we have a positive impact …… but we need to be there in greater numbers and we’re not. Before we look more at that, let’s just see more about the difference that women bring. Image: Cartoon woman with headset
  8. NEW DATA: The latest brain research shows that there is a big difference in women’s brains. Dr Daniel Amen reviewed 45,000 brain scans – largest study ever. He found women had radically more activity in 85% of areas…….   Image: Brain Scans
  9. (He found much more activity in the pre-frontal cortex – from that) Dr Amen suggests that (women’s brains are much more powerful).  Because we have a dramatically enhanced capacity built in to our brains for 5 key aspects he says women are actually wired for leadership…….. empathy, intuition, self control, collaboration, appropriate worry   Image: Female Brain & List of Traits
  10. The good news for men is that new research shows the human brain is much more flexible and ‘plastic’ than previously believed so it can learn and re-wire itself adapting to evolutionary needs! And we do need everyone’s brains to be wired for COLLABORATION, not competition.It does rather sound like women will take over …… but that’s not going to be the case …. we are going to find ways that we work together and leverage our different skills and capacities. So the question of EQUALITY shifts from sameness to DIFFERENCE. Image: Boy with brain
  11. Exciting things are happening in the world with women driving and leading many initiatives. As I  travel the world I meet hundreds of women, in the circles and communities of support I create.   And the women I have met are almost all refugees from the corporate space (or politics).  They have been on the most incredible journeys of re-invention and creative enterprise … they do not want to return to what they feel is a toxic, bullying work cultures where they weren’t valued.  Many men feel the same way too. Image: Women’s Gatherings
  12. The story of these women is mine too. For the last 20 years I have been exploring and I have learned how to express my feminine qualities in business and balance both those energies. These images show the journey I made from a time 20 years ago when I really drove my business from my masculine energies. Image: Three Ginas
  13. But when the women leave they remove themselves from the pipeline that supplies those top executive decision-making positions.  Right now there are big gaps at the top. Women are missing from political and corporate life. The UK has one woman CEO of FTSE 100 listed companies. The USA has 18 women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Image: Graphic, 9 blue men, one very small pink figure
  14. OK. How do we turn this around…..?   I want to put forward a very interesting female role model. One who can teach us about bringing some harmony and magic back into our lives. Mary Poppins.  She is a beautiful example of strong, positive woman with magical feminine qualities. She actually holds a unique place in history ….  she’s one of very few women in a movie who isn’t portrayed as relating to men: supporting them or being a victim. Image: Mary Poppins flies in
  15. I first saw the movie in 1963. I re-watched it recently. I was inspired to witness Mary Poppins as Kind, loving, sweet, caring, patient … very organised, disciplined, intuitive, magical … and she gets things done & makes work FUN. ….. Image: Mary Poppins with child and tape measure
  16. Interestingly a new movie coming out next year that shares the real story …. how Mary Poppins came in, not just to correct the naughty children but to save the father, Mr Banks (and that is the name of the movie). Mr Banks was a father who forgot his family, very caught up in his job, he relished his rich banking status & lifestyle. Mary Popins reconnected him with what was important and re-united him with his family. Image: Saving Mr Banks, he interviews Nanny
  17. Women’s Gatherings: this is where we need to re-connect with our feminine leadership, our feminine power, our feminine power … and our feminine magic. This is most effectively done in women’s circles. We see so much value in each other that we don’t see in ourselves. Image: a women’s gathering
  18. We need men to make space for us .. as we come to understand our power more, we need men not only to make space for us as women but also for our feminine qualities as well … that is what will change the culture of the world. Image: women’s gatherings, feminine wisdom
  19. The circle gathering is very under-utilised in society today .. men should meet in circle too and talk about what the new masculinity is. That will all help us to collaborate better as men and women. Image: men in circle
  20. Finally we need to show up as our authentic, fabulous, feminine selves. And when we connect with our empowered feminine energy we can bring our special magic with us to change the world for the better and save the human family. Image: Mary Poppins: Time for us to bring the magic back


  1. I loved your gutsy talk, Gina. Your energy, ideas and inclusiveness are all inspiring. Come to Atlanta and we will make a circle happen! I have several ongoing circles and would love to invite you in!!! My best to you, T

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