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Event with Dr David Paul in London

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On January 8th, my friend, colleague and mentor Dr David Paul will be passing through London on his way back to Sydney and I am thrilled to have arranged an evening to have one of our life-changing conversations. Each time I have spoken with him (there are 12 videos that have been uploaded onto my blogs, and transcribed, over the last 18 months) I have found his insights and wisdom about leadership and the role women have to play in creating a new future for the world have deeply inspiring.

He says that women leaders with their unique qualities and skills are even more important today. I am looking forward to this opportunity in London to record his insights in a ground-breaking conversation about the qualities that feminine energy, through women and men, bring to leadership. If this conversation about feminine leadership is one that inspires you and you would like to join our event then click on this BOOKING LINK  to see if there are any spaces left.

Here I highlight four key areas that David and I have been discussing in the New Year  which he will expand on in our conversation on the Jan 8th evening event:

  1. Women in leadership positions, operating from their feminine qualities, very clearly bring about different outcomes. … outcomes that the world needs right now. David will speak more about what these are and the special qualities that women have which make the difference.
  2. More than ever there is a call for women leaders. The world is ready for a collective feminine leadership. It’s time to harness women’s ability to leverage collective energy and wisdom. David will explore this and says there is no word in the English language for what he’s talking about.
  3. Women’s rise and successful ascendancy to the highest levels of decision-making and leadership in organisations and governments, depends on many things.  Some of these are in the control of women (our personal organisation, personal choices, self-worth and confidence) while others require culture and system change by male-led organisations and environments where masculine values dominate.  David says the biggest game-changer to women rising and making a difference is for women to be supported by a collective energy. He is talking about a new movement where women, on their way up, and those already in place, feel massively supported by the collective energy of other women. He consistently refers to the revolutionary change the world needs being led by women.
  4. It’s evident that hundreds, thousands, in fact millions of women are connecting and meeting up across the globe. That movement is happening, and being enabled by the power of the Internet and mobile technology. David says that it’s time now for us to focus our energy and change our conversations to determine new priorities that we want the powerholders to focus on. This is a huge conversation.

A little bit about Dr David Paul’s background
Dr David Paul is a unique specialist in new forms of Leadership, Complexity and Large-Scale Organisational Change.  He is an experienced educator, senior advisor and confidential mentor to CEOs, Heads of Government and Ministers.  David teaches in post-grad management and leadership programs in Australia, Asia and Europe and has lectured to over 25,000 MBA managers & executives as well as has facilitating over 1500 seminars and workshops in complexity, change and leadership.

David regularly advises public and private companies and their senior teams, including the 2008 Beijing Olympics Committee, in the area of large-scale organisational transformation.  David has often worked on highly classified assignments with heads of governments in the areas of Leadership, Complex Change and transforming internal cultures.
The winner of the Templeton Prize, established author, leading academic, Biologist, Philosopher, Ecologist, renowned Scientist and Emeritus Professor Charles Birch, (Presented with the prize at Buckingham Palace as the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in Science and Philosophy, as there is no Nobel Prize in this field), wrote in his book “Regaining Compassion”:   “I dedicate this book to David Paul….He combines a commitment and openness which I find quite rare these days.  His life has been a light on the path for many who have been fortunate enough to come to know him.  Through knowing him I have asked questions, I would not have asked and pursued issues I would not otherwise have explored”.

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Series One: and this link takes you to the blog pages with seven other video conversations in Series One.

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