Posted by: ginalazenby | January 9, 2014

An evening of insights with global leadership expert Dr David Paul


A conversation about feminine leadership with Dr David Paul in London

On January 8, 2014 we were extremely lucky to have Dr David Paul visit London on his way back to Sydney, Australia.  As a much sought-after MBA educator and advisor to government leaders in G20 countries, David knows a thing or two about leadership and his favourite subject …. complex change. His skill is to be able to show people with great clarity the very different and simple approaches that are now being called forth in order to answer the world’s pressing and complex problems.

A group of 20 men and women professionals gathered at my London home and as we opened the evening circle, we discussed what had called us to be present that evening. People shared their passion for the subject of feminine leadership; an interest in the emerging role of women, feminine wisdom, the new language required to talk about gender, the different values expressed by the feminine and masculine, how caring and love are increasingly important in business today, how leadership is changing and the role women are playing. As you can imagine, with a room full of leaders and change-makers passionate for the subject, it made for a very exciting atmosphere. The conversation was extremely rich.

I have had the honour to interview David three times before in Sydney and from this huge repository of material created over the last 18 months I have published 13 video conversations about feminine leadership. They are a goldmine of information (I should write a book!). I have found them to be personally life changing for me.

On this evening we continued the thread of our previous dialogue. There are four videos …. each one has been fully transcribed. It’s a wonderful resource if you too are interested in the conversation of:

*  the rise of women,
*  the changing nature of leadership,
*  the increased appreciation of feminine values
*  and insights into the way gender balance will affect the world.

There is also a blog post collating the groups’ discussion and report back on the question: what are the qualities that women are bringing to achieve outstanding financial results in business?

Video 1:

  • how will women use their power when they do get to the top?
  • how do we challenge the norm and change the game?
  • what the age of disruption means
  • how big movements start with small actions, the power of the dedicated few

Video 2:

  • the power of changing our conversations
  • the personal responsibility we each need to take
  • the importance of individual behaviour change – break the micro patterns!

Video 3:

  • the high profile women leaders in government and business that David has mentored have three particular qualities expressed in their leadership – what are these?

Video 4:

  • Q&A session with David where he makes key distinctions about the difference between credibility and being authentic

Blog post 5:

  • The qualities and traits of women that achieve different outcomes in business – better culture, higher returns on investment, more profitability.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments below …. are there any insights in here that speak to you …….?

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