Posted by: ginalazenby | February 24, 2014

An evening of Feminine Wisdom in Sydney


The Women’s Empowerment Group at Sydney’s Meditation Centre – an awesome group of wonderful women creating inspiring events every week and growing conscious community

I am delighted to be speaking at the Women’s Empowerment Group first post-summer event on Wednesday Feb 26th. A lovely circle of women usually gather for these conversations and as Conny so beautifully puts it, gentle men are always welcome!

More details on the website. Event is 99 Crown Street and starts at 6.30pm until 8pm

Feminine Values & Gender Balance
This is what they have published about the evening:

“On her visit to Australia, Gina will share her insights of looking at solutions in a world of crisis… inviting women to step forward. How do we do this? …. Feminine Leadership ! The re-invention of everything requires radical new thinking. Can we do it? Yes, using the Vitamin Cs ………  Collaboration, creativity, compassion, caring!

Gina will talk on:

1. The rise of women
2. The changing nature of leadership
3. The increased appreciation of feminine values
4. Insights into the way gender balance will effect the world.

Guest speaker: Gina Lazenby, CEO Women Gathering Project London, author of The Healthy Home, international renowned speaker of Caring Economics, Global Women’s Entrepreneurs, the Rise of the Feminine & Feng Shui.”


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