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Eat Pray Love Author’s advice for women

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Elizabeth Gilbert interviewed after her talk, and very eloquently introduced, by her best friend Rayya Elias (right is her new book)

Talk about inspiring women …. Hurrah for Elizabeth Gilbert, awesome, articulate, funny, oozing humility, graceful mega-star that she is!

Last night, as part of the Sydney Writers’ Festival, Elizabeth gave a 90-minute talk about the journey she took to create her latest book, a novel about a 19th century female botanist called The Signature of All Things, and how we can access our creativity. A very powerful evening. She’s funny, engaging and she had the fully-booked auditorium hanging on her every word.  Oh to channel Elizabeth Gilbert when I sit down to write my current book, and to speak off the cuff like her with such humour!

It was a perfect girls night out so I enjoyed it with some of my Sydney girlfriends … and it was wonderful to see quite a few men in the largely female audience. Let me see what I can recall ….

  1. She counsels us all to engage in “shamelessly magical thinking” Harry Potter-style and gave us mind-blowing examples of synchronicity magic at work in her own life. Being a novelist is actually a mystical profession in itself.
  2. All ideas are circling the planet desperate to be born, looking for individuals who are open enough to hear them and receive .. most of us are too crazy busy, stressed, searching and noisy to hear an idea when it wants to come through us… and often tries to slap us in the face!  Slow down she says, be quiet, listen to the whisperings of the universe otherwise ideas get sick of waiting for us to “get it” and they move on to someone else who is more receptive.
  3. When you miss out on an idea that you did not try to manifest, instead of being full of regret and wasting energy on pining or sulking about that lost opportunity … GET OVER IT …. your grieving gets in the way of the next big idea that will arrive.
  4. Live in a state of wonder. Expect the miracles that you see happen in other people’s lives. Ask for them to come to you. Stop hunting, seeking, looking … simply put your energy into being ready to receive.
  5. Suffering is an outdated idea that has pervaded the world of work and creativity. The noble concept of the ‘struggling artist’ needs to be scratched from our collective memory. Change your vibration from struggle to ease and show the universe (or whatever modality and frame of reference for magic and God’s presence that you have) that you are willing to do the work …. it just does not require painful effort.
  6. And women in particular … stop letting perfection hold you back! As Elizabeth points out .. when did not knowing something well or having done something before ever hold back a man in stepping forward. God love them … men are just built with an innate confidence and entitlement to progression that we have to learn. STOP waiting for things to be perfect JUST DO IT.

Yes work hard but let go of the struggle .. “Work doesn’t have to be easy, it just has to be interesting” she says.

I hope that helps all you creative folks out there (and let’s face it, we are ALL creatives). Get started on what you are doing, get finished, get published, apply for that post, stop signing up for more courses to learn more on top of  all the ones you have done, you got it already girl …. GO, GO, GO ….

And you know what I write for you applies to me too. That’s why I write it. We teach what we need to learn!

What project are you hesitating on that is held back by your desire for it to be perfect???

Thank you Elizabeth – we really enjoyed your talk.


Girls night on the back row of Sydney’s magnificent Recital Hall during the city’s Writers’ Festival



  1. Wonderfully succinctly captured Gina – Yes, these are Elizabeth Gilbert’s key messages. It was an inspirational evening. Now to get on and finish one of the many current projects 🙂

    • and WHICH project will you focus on ? I remember Bob Proctor urging that the MAIN thing is to make the MAIN thing the MAIN thing! I am taking that one to heart now myself 🙂

  2. So need to read this at this precise moment ! Such synchronicity -Eat pray Love film- just finished watching as I couldn’t sleep ! thank you Gina great blog post x

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