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Wisdom from the awesome Women’s Gathering in London



The latest Women’s Gathering was held at my home in central London on Monday April 14th. Next one in London is in June. San Francisco May 21st.

Gathering as a group of professional women around a community meal and circle of sharing is a nourishment we all need. The wisdom that emerges is priceless and seems to sustain us on what could otherwise be a lonely and difficult journey as we find ways to express our new purpose and relate to the world in completely different ways. These circle gatherings are opportunities for us to receive support, to share our gifts, to hold space for challenges and conflicts to be worked through …… and for us to witness each other and really get how fearless we have become.  Here, I have distilled some insights from our gathering that I am sure speak to the journey that other women are on.

1 A Change of identity has been the norm
Many have been through a significant shift. For some this was brought on by a spiritual awakening, a single moment when everything changed quite dramatically and their ‘ordinary’ lives were brought to an abrupt halt. Others have embarked on a path of reinvention and transformation through a more gradual process, sometimes through disenchantment or stress and illness, largely caused by work. From then on life has been very different with many new avenues explored, so much so, that it’s now much more difficult to have an identity around a single role. That simple way of knowing ourselves has gone.

Now life is so much more expansive with many more opportunities and blessings, and bringing with it the added challenge of not really knowing how to describe ourselves. This transitional life shift has largely (not exclusively) been the domain of women aged in their 40s, but now we see much younger women in their 20s asking questions about their lives and embarking on this journey of what Charles Handy referred to as the call to “Personal Sovereignty”.  It’s an exciting sign that women want to change the status quo, not only of themselves, but the world around them as well.

2 Leaving behind Fear … putting Joy first
In our earlier ‘past’ lives there was so much to be fearful about, so much anxiety, and stress. Now, after our shift, the fear for most of us has gone. Life outside the system, outside of the status quo and the norm, is exciting for us as we find our vocation and expression in self employment and entrepreneurship. We have learned to take one day at a time, to face our fears and enjoy the journey as it unfolds on the way to wherever we are going. Our simple practice is to make a daily decision to wake up, get up, be ourselves. We recognise that smiling and embracing life is more important to us than any role, job or business. Of course, we still have difficulties and challenges but now we relate to them in a completely different way with our new skill set and vision.

3 Having left corporate life behind, a few of us are now going back
We left feeling wounded. We turned our backs on stress and took charge of our lives. We went through personal healing journeys which in many cases involved us becoming healers. Now, some of us are being called back into that life we walked away from, and mostly, happily left behind. There is a recognition that that world needs us and our new skills: we’ve known that all along but we are beginning to see some openings where business recognises that need too. Opportunity is emerging like the new shoots coming through the dry soil after a drought.

We might be making ourselves look corporatey on the outside to fit in, but on the inside we’re a whole different person! Some women are still operating inside ‘the system’ that we see as broken: for example we heard of an NHS nurse who is working as an “undercover healer” whenever she gets the chance. It is exciting to hear that by stealth, we are quietly starting to bring our ideas of a new way of doing things to the places where they are needed most.  We feel very well placed to be part of a movement that melds our extensive corporate know-how and business expereince with our newfound wisdom, intuition, sacred arts and knowledge of healing.

4 The very qualified, talented, multi-skilled new SELF
Oh what to call ourselves? How to describe who we are now when we have so many skills .. so many new talents that we have qualified in!  We have such eclectic, checkered and amazing careers ….how to name who we are is quite difficult.  In the old world you used to ask someone what they did and they would easily reply Sales Manager, Accountant or Trainer. Now…… We have a long list of things we have done, and still do, so it’s difficult to respond to that question! Well the answer is there is no one answer. And we don’t want to be boxed in and restricted by one name.

In Australia I have seen this described by professionals in their 20s as being a “slashie” …. web designer/DJ/artist/mother …. Younger folk are much more adept at expressing their multi-faceted selves. It’s different now for the new generation. Us more mature folks no longer have to fall into the trap of being one thing OR another, we can embrace everything.  Whatever we call ourselves it’s very clear that ALL those skills are now needed in this new emerging world. Spirit has an interesting plan for those who have left logic behind and followed inner guidance. How any sane Careers Adviser, back in the day, would have prepared us for the lives we are having is anybody’s guess!

5 We can see the new land emerging – and our new service
I have heard a social change leader in Canada refer to the years ahead from 2011 as being the  “Decisive Decade”.  I think we can all resonate with that expression and that also leads me to call the years which we have just left behind as the “Difficult Decade”. There is now a welcome sense of emergence that we can all feel. The hurdles, challenges, troughs, pits that we have fallen into and faced feel like they are over. Everything was for a purpose. Looking back we welcome those sad and difficult times because of who we have become in the process. Somehow, everything that we have been through has enabled us to be a stronger bridge going to this new world, and to be of greater help to others.

6 The game we need to play is bigger  … and we are ready
We are growing into our leadership asking questions about what our role of service is. What is next for us is the big question? Whatever it is we feel we are moving into a bigger phase and playing a bigger game. Being out there is important and several women are soon publishing their first or latest books. It’s all coming out now, all that wisdom that has been held in …. it’s unfolding in a bigger way in order to have a much bigger impact.

Dear reader … does any of this resonate with you?


One of the delightful parts of a Women’s Gathering is the strong community bonds formed in a short space of time. Much of this can happen in the kitchen when people arrive early to help with food preparation, kitchen clearing, room readiness and table setting. Thank you to my lovely kitchen angels Sara, Shelley, Liz (here diving into the kitchen sink) and her niece Sofi.





P1090488Part of the coming out/emergence energy inspired Nyali Muir to bring her new art and show to the gatherers. Beautiful … seen here on the glass shelves




New to our Gathering was Tunde who excels in “random acts of cake” … she brought this delightful chocolate olive oil cake which was adorned with Cathryn’s Golden Eggs, symbolic of both Easter and the Energetic Golden Gateway opening up this week…. very strong planetary-shifting energy that Clare Russell was holding space for. Cathryn charged up the eggs on a powerful vortex in her garden ( a crossing of 3 major Ley Lines)  … how cool was that!



  1. Magical evening Gina, thank-you for making it possible and sharing your beautiful home!!!

  2. Great article – and thanks for the introduction to the term ‘slashie’! Very interesting pointing to how women are leaving the corporate world to find the healing power of the Feminine – and then some are able to return and be of service differently. Reminds me of the Joseph Campbell stages in his mono myth. Meeting the Goddess precedes Atonement with the Father. Both women and men must go on healing journeys to ‘Meet the Goddess’. While women may be more attuned to this necessity, it is important to remember that the Feminine in myth and ancient traditions is a concept that is free of gender. More on that subject on my website

    • Brilliant Cathy and I will look at your website !

  3. Gina, your comments on the eclectic nature of women leaving corporate lives behind resonates with the subject matter of an upcoming radio show that discusses women with Eclectic interests and talents possibly contributing an evolutionary advantage to Humanity.

    Over the last year or two I have been discussing with people such as Bea Benkova and Shahnaz Choudhari that, historically, the visions of men were supported by women. The vision of men unfortunately has led us into war and economic crisis as well as an ongoing breakdown of the family unit. We are now in an era where women’s vision and wisdom must come to the fore and men must be the technical support engineers for that vision.

    A factor that shows up often amongst the women (and men) with more empowering visions is the range of eclectic skills, knowledge and perspectives they have acquired. Many have said this is symbolic of a lack of focus and strategic planning as well as an inability to couple together the right assets for generating a tangible impact in the difference they are trying to make. However research I have done for the last six years reveals a different possibility that suggests there being an evolutionary advantage for humanity to have such eclectic types.

    I have been researching how people discover the centre of gravity in their lives and orbit around it to conserve energy, maximise vitality and achieve a meaningful purpose. The research reveals a different consequence of having an eclectic range of abilities and knowledge. In nature the wider the gene pool in a species the more likely it will adapt to overcome factors that might make it become extinct. In a similar way we are entering a time where every individual whose abilities are eclectic is most likely to contribute to the evolution of humanity as a whole. Creativity from ‘managed chaos’ is something that women handle very well, whereas men very much prefer order and maintaining a status quo, primarily through the route of securing greater and greater power.

    If you have an eclectic collection of abilities then there will be a ‘centre of gravity’ to them around which all the abilities orbit. That is literally your centre and investing energy towards things away from this centre gives you an experience of being ‘off-centre’ as well as feeling less alive and lucid in your thoughts and feelings.

    I wonder if your comments Gina, that many women are shunning corporate careers to make more of emerging eclectic interests they have been investing in, is symbolic of the kind of evolution I have just discussed?

    If everyone who had eclectic tendencies could find their centre of gravity and move through it they would gain the most momentum to their life’s emerging purpose. I will be talking on this, specifically in relation to vision of women and how they can be supported by men, when I am interviewed by Susie Heath on her Essence Show on Untangled FM Radio on the evening of Tuesday May 13th 2014 (London time).!essence/ccmn

    Jazz Rasool

  4. Gina,

    …… I think you may be working on a new book: “The New Masculine” and it sounds most interesting, though as you might expect from me, it cannot be I think without a New Feminine. We have done the Matriarchy and the Patriarchy, and now it is time for the Quingdom of the Human Being, who largely gets out of the way of this ultimate co-creation, with no need or desire for one to have dominion over the other, but a celebration of their differences. Without this difference, we can have any amount of production, manufacture, and invention, but “creation” where something is “born”, a life in the work of men and women, which sparkles with its own life and the meaning of beauty, this creation is not possible. Desire fails.

    As you may know the etymology of “matter” is mother. Matter has had a very bad rap for centuries. And the first matter is our bodies. My experience (as a man) is that letting in the Feminine in her fullness is to fully love, which demands essentially an openness and (with much greater difficulty) a vulnerability. But immediately upon Arrival, She confers a sensitivity which if collectively realised would intensify aversion to hurting another being (human or non-) to a painful extent. Indeed the inculcation of fear of the body, of the Feminine, has done all too much to pervert the instinct to nourish (which is the original meaning of “authority”) into a passion to kill. And all this dangerous “My missile is bigger than your missile.” nonsense.

    (Not to mention a bevy of new strike fighters at a public cost of $12+ billion.)

    I see the coming together of the M and F as a shift from mono, to stereo consciousness. And there is a political dimension to this consciousness which must reclaim the authority of its own Nature, appropriated by the State. This is radical. The Nature we are, the Nature we are a part of is quite other than the nature conceived as an object for scientific interrogation.

    What a stupendous brew the world is for us all today!

    All the best

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