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It was the worst of days, it was the best of days … Stranded in Sausalito!


with celebrated cellist Michael FitzPatrick after his performance in Sausalito. Hear some of his beautiful playing in this “Cello Invocation” for World Peace on Youtube


Getting locked out of your apartment in a foreign city is not fun. Really it isn’t. And I should have known better. I am in and out of apartments all over the globe as I travel and stay with friends, rent homes from owners-away through Airbnb and hire cars mostly with just one set of keys. So I always have a Plan B up my sleeve as well as being EXTRA careful with keys .. just so that I don’t end up stranded. Which is what happened this weekend in San Francisco.

I had a large bunch of keys in my hand as I closed the door. Then the sudden sound of doubt reverberated through my head …… I did not expect the door to lock automatically but it did and that was when I discovered the keys in my hand were in fact only car keys and the apartment key was actually inside on the sideboard. Never mind, I thought, I am sure the concierge has a back up. “No, sorry, we don’t hold spare keys and we don’t have a master key either” …. “You’re kidding me! …. even in case of fire?” “Nope … but I can give you the numbers of a few locksmiths”……. It’s Saturday night and the eve of Mother’s Day! Great timing!

Very quickly a few thoughts went through my head … what to do next? does the apartment owner have a spare key with anyone in San Francisco? where can I stay tonight? just HOW much will it cost me to get back in? It would have been so easy to go to a negative space in my head and project all sorts of blame, especially to the apartment owner who was safely ensconced in my home in London (think “The Holiday” movie except on this exchange there are no handsome men, or any men, involved!). My home has a keysafe on the wall OUTside the house containing a handy set of emergency keys … just in case someone locks themselves out! But that’s not here.

I quickly decided not to be upset.  (Not always my usual practice and certainly not for “disasters”).  Yes it might cost a bundle to get a weekend locksmith  but I do have friends in the city to stay with …. and at least I am dressed ! … and at least I have my car keys in my hand so I can drive out and go ahead with my evening in Sausalito.


Michael FitzPatrick with the intimate audience who were part of a special Tuning of the Planet with his cello

And that was when the BEST day started to unfold …… I had been invited to a special concert with a world-famous cellist in a crystal shop (bizarre I know). A small group of no more than 40 people and it was sold-out. Michael Fitzpatrick is a musician beloved of the Dalai Llama and reading his wikipedia profile, as I did after I met him, he seems to have played for many world leaders. (Hear his World Peace Cello Invocation)

This evening was about playing some sacred music intended to Tune up the Planet as all the notes reverberating in that small venue would be amplified by the huge crystals sitting around us. Cool! Among his many stories, he talked about having been in Italy and a set of chance circumstances guiding him to a monastery where he played in the ACTUAL dorm cell of Frances of Assisi. He played that same music for us, and much more.

That evening and music would have been more than enough in itself to restore any mood imbalance I might have had, but the room was full of old friends. Of the nearly present 40 people present, I eventually found out I knew 8 of them from many different walks of life! And I don’t even live here!

I had already been invited by Dr Amore and Debra Price Van Cleeve, my Women Gathering co-hosts; then I spotted Rick Ingrascio who I met in Canada last year (the host of a Social Change Leaders Gathering on Cortes Island); then poet Drew Dellinger who I met at Rick’s Commonweal Gathering last November; friends of Amore & Debra; I bumped into Dr Jacqueline Chan (Women’s Gathering member) on the promenade of Sausalito and got her a last minute ticket for the sell-out event; then …. right before I left, it dawned on me that the event host and sponsor was the Crystal Shop owner Seann Xenja who I first met 20 years ago. He remembered me tracking him down to his garden in the Napa Valley and doing an astrology reading  for me. It was in the early days of feng shui in the 90s when I was looking to connect with feng shui experts around the world as I started up my Wisdom School in London. Wow … so long ago! How the decades to go and the wheels turn.

The message I took from all this was that magic follows us around all the time ….. and in order for me to receive it I had to keep myself in a positive state of grace even though I had the ‘potential’ stress/drama of being locked out of my apartment and the only keys outside of the building were over 5,000 miles away in London!  I saw this as a personal lesson to choose not to be upset even though I had good reason to be … and then the magical connections unfolded …….


With Rick Ingrascio, convener of an amazing Gathering of movers, shakers & difference-makers held at Hollyhock on Cortes Island, for almost three decades



with dear friend Debra Price Van Cleeve & Drew Dellinger, master poet & author of a forthcoming book on Martin Luther King



Owner of the beautiful Crystal shop in Sausalito, Seann Xenja. I met him 20 years ago in his capacity as an ‘elder’ and leader in the emerging feng shui movement in the 1990s


Post concert supper with the girls with Dr Amore centre who invited me to the concert

Post concert supper with the girls with Dr Amore centre who invited me to the concert



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