Posted by: ginalazenby | July 7, 2014

Insights on how women are changing … & some Frozen wisdom

Elsa, from the mega-hit movie "Frozen" discovering how to use her powers and singing the Oscar-winning song LET IT GO !

Elsa, from the mega-hit movie “Frozen” discovering how to use her powers and singing the Oscar-winning song LET IT GO !

Yes, this is really an anthem for our times …. Let it Go! Good for Elsa.

This theme of letting go …. roles, behaviours, jobs, negative self-talk, belongings, relationships .. you name it ….. was very much present when I gathered with the women in San Francisco in May – see the blog post and photo.  See my note at the bottom if you are one of the few humans who have missed out on this song and story.

I thought it worth sharing some more wisdom from the Women’s Gathering that shows how we are exploring and creating new ways of being…….

  1. Goodbye to our desire to please and seek approval:  that is something we have shed. Now it is about “me” … what do I need to be? Who I need to be? Yes it is selfish and in the most positive way. We are choosing not to lose ourselves in the service of others like we have done before.  As the character Elsa sings in the movie Frozen …. “Let it go! LET IT GO!!”
  2. Everything is food for the future: Painful experiences and challenges in the past have provided us with a great deal of learning to plan a new future for ourselves. Now that we’re older and look back we can see how things could have been different if we had been more receptive and not been in resistance. Yet, as we reflect on who we are becoming, all those experiences gave us what we needed to be with who we are today.
  3. Our new focus on self allows us to ask more enriching questions like “What have I been brought here to do?”  “What is the best use of me and my skills?”
  4. Taking on new ways: gone are the 60-80 hour weeks, the over-work, over-giving and the masculine drive which left so many of us depleted and even immobilized by burn-out. Now we are using all our feminine skills and helping others to do the same.
  5. “Notice what you notice”: this is a new mantra that serves us well. The words Allowing, Trust and Intuition are powerful forces in our lives and words that frequently populate our vocabulary.
  6. We are finding room for Grace:  for many this is new in our lives and it helps us to be so much more productive and effective. The quality of seeking to live in grace means we make better choices like deciding to work with clients and projects who share our resonance. It is the most authentic way for us to live and run our businesses.
  7. We set the pace now: before, when challenges gave us setbacks then we lived from a sense of being behind where we felt we SHOULD have been and tried to play catch-up in our career progression or life situation.   Now we are on our authentic path, life is so much more expansive and we know we are in exactly the right place doing the right thing … whatever that is, there us a sense of order and rightness instead of mistakenly thinking we had been left behind.

Check out the movie Frozen’s award-winning song that is captivating little girls all over the world who know all the words …!


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