Posted by: ginalazenby | October 10, 2014

change the container … change the life

There is a big shift happening and woman-at-large is literally going to be ….. at large ! (That’s the name of my blog by the way!)

I’ve not been writing for a while so I felt it’s time to update you…. where to begin?

You’ve heard the saying that we make changes through inspiration or perspiration (I think it is derived from the original quote from Edison about creativity). Anyway…. many of the huge life-shifting changes that I have made in my life previously have been through perspiration. I’ve simply had to move in a new direction because of upset, illness or some other disruption forcing me to do so. The change has turned out to be great (often a wonderful blessing) but at the time there was a lot of perspiration and discomfort (read pain!) that came from my natural resistance to change. Well I’ve learned my lessons so now instead of waiting around for another disruption to descend on me I am choosing to make the move first. You could say I am operating from inspiration at last.

My inspiration is for me to create a new life … become a NEW ME.
That’s about it at this stage ….. I don’t really know much more than that. The old me would need a lot more detail and way more certainty but over the years I have really been seeking to master dancing with the unknown….. living in the flow. Now I have made a decision to leap and to trust that the net will appear.

bentinck exterior goodThe leap I am talking about is moving out of my home. Both of them. Many who know me in London will probably have visited my cottage in quiet Marylebone village. It’s a treasure of a place and it’s filled with amazing memories that have shaped my identity over the last two decades.

Over the years I have played host to many wonderful events and awesome people. The support community for Tony Robbins alumni called YES Group founded by Karl Pearsall was birthed in my front room, as was the Feng Shui Society, the feng shui movement as a whole and most of my business ventures in healthy living, wealth dynamics, entrepreneur profiling and feminine wisdom.

I started the London Personal Development Centre from here in 1994, the first of its kind in the UK, and it featured many teachers who went on to become the movers and shakers in the human potential movement. I have hosted suppers and talks for a diverse range of interesting people over the years including Brandon Bays, Boy George, Dadi Janki, various speakers from the Be The Change events including Elisabet Sahtouris and Sadguru Jaggi …..  many interesting authors, artists & people from most countries in the world have sat on my sofa and taken part in some kind of community event or conscious conversation.

It’s time to leave all that behind. The house is currently in the last few weeks of the sale process and I trust I am not jinxing it by sharing the news. I shall be hosting one final Women’s Gathering on Tuesday November 4th so if you’d like to be part of that or anything else before I leave then drop me a line or click the event link here.

At the heart of all this letting go is a desire to change the container that shapes my life. I know feng shui inside and out and deeply understand from first hand experience that what lives around us in our home and working environments has a profound influence on the shape and form of our existence. My intuition now is to stop rearranging the furniture inside the dwelling and to look at the actual outer container that holds my whole life and to change the container itself. Right now I don’t know what new container I need and so I don’t have anything to move on to except ….. I know that once I have let go of this outer layer I will morph into another version of me  … and without the constraints already set in place by a new container, the outcome will be more expansive.

good healthy home exterior women gathering north tewit gardenAs well as letting go of my ‘lucky’ London space after 23 years, I am also moving out of the Healthy Home in Yorkshire where I have also lived and had my office for the last 18 years. It’s simply time to move on.  So there is packing and shedding happening in many corners of my life and it’s taking all my spiritual strength and physical energy to manage, as well as every ounce of faith and trust that I can muster.

Looking back on the huge transition I went through when my significant relationship ended in 2006 and I cast myself out into the world, I had a real hard time embracing the idea that the phrase “I don’t know” would become such a constant in my life. At the time I could barely say the words. Now they are the foundation of my life because the moment I admit that I don’t know the answer … something magical is triggered and all kinds of new possibilities shape-shift into view. I have learned that not-knowing is the most creative space to be in. Right now I don’t know who I will be when I have let go of two of the things that have most shaped and defined who I have become over the last twenty years.

I do have a sense that I am just getting started  … that what I am really here to do is on its way to me and I need to be a little freer of old shackles to fully take on that next new role.

I trust all will be well in my world.
The universe is always working in my favour.
Those are my two favourite mantras I say to myself every day.

What are yours that see you through your major life shifts?
I can’t think I am alone in this transition and shedding process …. what’s happening in your life?

 Read the next blog post where I talk about the affirmation I received when I consulted an Oracle card about this while change process  …. ! It proves that the universe is truly always supporting me and I need have no fear.


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