Posted by: ginalazenby | October 10, 2014

The universe is always supporting me …

When I am going through life transitions and uncertainty, I find it useful to reach out for guidance. That guidance and reassuring answer to my question can come in many different forms. A sign on a bus, a phone call, a chance meeting …. I find there are so many ways that the universe (God …. or whatever the phrasing for your belief system) speaks to me through synchronicity.


IMG_5440Today, as I wrote the previous blog post I thought I’d choose an oracle card to give me some wisdom for the day … particularly around sharing this news about shedding my homes and moving forward into the unknown riddled with uncertainty. …. Is there any guidance I need here I asked my deck of “Mythic Oracle” cards.



IMG_5439You will laugh … the card I got was Poseidon … The Unknown.

As well as being the ruler of water and the seas, he is also the shaker of the earth and can create earthquakes. “Many times the heroes of myths have to pass through the realm of Poseidon in order to get where they are going, whether that be home or because they are on some sacred mission as in the Odyssey, where Poseidon creates many obstacles for Odysseus as he tries to journey home.

Perfect or what ?!


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