Posted by: ginalazenby | February 26, 2015

Who won the Oscar for Best Acceptance Speech ?

…. there’s hardly any talk about best actor/ best film …. all the post-Oscars buzz is about the acceptance speech of Patricia Arquette who picked up the award for Best Supporting Actress. Hers was the most inspired and talked-about acceptance speech.

Her speech about equal pay had a huge impact and you could see that from the way the whole audience rose to its feet as one, led by female champions J-Lo and Meryl Streep who clearly shouted “Yes! Yes! Yes!” on the front rows. I was just as excited as I watched the Academy Awards ceremony live in California at the weekend.

I thought it was beautifully phrased …. After her long list of thanks read from her aide-memoire, she said:  “To every woman who gave birth to every taxpayer and citizen in this nation: We have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s our time to have wage equality in the U.S.”

That’s a beautiful reminder of the significant role women play in society .. we birth the nation, we champion other people’s rights and causes .. now it is time for us to be recognised as full economic citizens and be paid equally. And parity across the races needs to be addressed too.

  • While white women earn, on average:
    78 cents for every $ dollar earned by white men,
    64 cents is earned by black women and
    54 cents is earned by Hispanic or Latina women.

As usual, women who stand up and speak their minds attract a lot of flack but generally, the response to Patricia’s speech has been the main news story here in California from the Oscars.


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