Posted by: ginalazenby | April 21, 2015

Liz Gee’s life-enhancing lecture programme


Yesterday I met the energetic and visionary Liz Gee at the The Westbury to talk about my presenting in her London lecture series. I am going to be talking about my new book The Rise of the Feminine later in the year. For the last two years she has been hosting a fascinating and eclectic range of lectures in her Holland Park home.

Liz is a real have-a-go/ try-it-out Ambassador recognising that any natural reticence she might have had in her 30s has really evaporated over the decades so she keeps herself young by seeking out new challenges and learning. “Age is simply a state of mind: she says.  She’s on emission to keep people feeling younger by opening and feeding their minds!

Even though we may start to care less about what others think about us as the years go by, many of us can still harbour a fear of the unknown which can get in the way of learning and taking on new interests, or even filling in gaps in our own education. Liz is particularly keen for people to get a better financial education as she’s noticed even smart, professional executives looking after big budget programs can still not necessarily be smart and well-informed when it comes to their own personal finances.

So Liz has really taken on and committed to providing an educational lecture series that gives people the confidence to take on something new by sharing experts from her vast contacts book in the fields of Finance, the Arts, Leadership and Health and well-being. She has managed to coax many of the top names in finance and other fields to provide fascinating presentations. Speakers come from Sothebys, St James Place, Christies and many art critics & high profile authors who cover subjects like political reform, learning from international disasters, insolvency, emotional intelligence …. and rags to riches biographical stories shared from prominent business leaders like Jeremy Hackett on today April 21.

I heard Jonathan Gaby speak last autumn on his Brand Psychology book and he was fascinating. And such a diverse range of people attend … different ages and walks of life. We all share a curiosity to find out more.
I recommend to attend one of Liz’s events … get on her invite list.


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