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A new era begins…. news from the women in San Francisco

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One of my joyful experiences when I visited San Francisco last month was to host a women’s gathering. These evening circles connecting women business leaders and entrepreneurs from all walks of life, in a private home over shared food, are nourishing at every level.

I have been hosting a Circle in San Francisco at least once a year since 2009 with many of the same women showing up and always new faces finding their way into the community. Over the years I have noticed our discussions change and build, reflecting our own growth and expansion along our paths. Our conversations cover all aspects of life and even when we are exploring questions about how we are making a difference, re-inventing ourselves, developing our leadership, we still get to share what hurts, grieves and pains us as well as what brings us joy and makes us proud. Anything that need to be said gets spoken into the circle of trust which is created and everything seems to resonate with all of us in some way.  Our willingness to gather as individuals and let down walls brings us together as a strong community that continues to provide an uplifting presence in our lives long after we have met.

This particular year I was keen to test the temperature for how everyone was feeling after the American election and the surprise result … which led to the Women’s March in Washington DC the day after the Inauguration. Several of our community attended and I was curious to know more about what it was like to be there. How did this March affect the women’s movement .. did they have a sense that this might be the beginning of something new?

I framed a long question for each woman to answer so she could introduce herself to all who did not know her and update those who didn’t giving us a sense of what was changing and brewing in her life.  “Who are you showing up as in the world.. how might that be changing? Were you involved in a march? And in what way are you becoming an activist or supporter of a Women’s Movement?

Here is a summary of the some of the insights from the sharing – without giving away the privacy of individual responses …

The March was more a Celebration than a Protest

Fuelled and led by feminine oxytocin rather then masculine testosterone, the March in Washington was a joyful and loving experience rather than the angry protest demonstration that it could have been. Almost 600,000 people were estimated to have turned out in the capital while 5 million marched in other cities all over the world .. the biggest women’s event ever!  Multi-generations took part ….. children and babies carried as whole families attended. Very much a female march but with many men showing their support. Women spoke of how their grandsons … who would NEVER be in a political march willingly joined their partners.

So many women I spoke to who attended had never been in a march or demonstration before and really felt that they were part of making history. They could not NOT go ….

Seeing new ways to serve … finding official positions in the community

This is a time when we have to muster our courage and do things that we have never done before and running for public positions is one way of taking a stand or being part of creating a shift. The question on many women’s lips is often … “What … me!?”  And the answer is a thumping “Why not?!”   We can’t complain that everything is run by the old white guys if we never think to put our names forward to be selected for committees and councils that might give us a voice. Even when we have no chance of winning, the fact that we tried, that we exposed ourselves .. that we came forward to stake a claim … that is so important and it inspires other women to do the same.

Bringing Spirituality to the workplace

At last we feel we can be authentic. Of course showing up as our whole, real selves and bringing our spiritual nature to work may be easier if we own the company (rather than working inside someone else’s culture) but it still takes a lot of courage. We are very familiar with the old ways of pushing things through and getting them done … but now, having been through personal shifts and awakenings we can’t leave the new ways we have learned out of our daily work practice. That means setting aside cold hard logic and making decisions based on what our intuitive inner voice is calling out to us. We are learning to be guided and owning that we are following an inner compass. Some spoke of working with the concept of magic in their personal lives and then setting a new expectation for it to show up in all of their busies encounters.

Juggling roles is the eternal lot of womanhood

Men seem to simply get on with work while we womenfolk take care of everything else and juggle many roles. And as we let go of more hands-on mothering when our children get older we find we can transition into new roles … what will we do with this new space in our lives? It seems this is a rich opportunity for us to expand our senses of selves into a cause that we have not been able to take on before

more insights in part two next week ……/    to be continued ….


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