Posted by: ginalazenby | February 19, 2018

The immense creativity of women

Freshly arrived in San Francisco, although not feeling very fresh, I pulled myself out of my jet lag to join a Women’s Creative Circle who meet once a month in a home on the hills of San Anselmo.

After a delicious lunch provided by our host and supplemented by what participants each brought, ten of us sat in a circle with a few minutes each to share what was happening in our lives in terms of a creative project or where our creative energy was being expressed.

Oh what joy and nourishment. I learnt something from every woman who shared and it was so inspiring to have an age difference of almost 50 years between youngest and oldest.

Projects discussed included sculpture, weaving, painting, book-writing, book reading, learning new ideas, jewellery, home remodelling, soft toys, travel .. managing financial affairs .. you name it, we are creative in so many ways.

Such was the rich and diverse life experience in the room that I felt any one of the women could have been called to join a company or organisation Board and given her wisdom and insights. And yet this is not how Boards are structured is it? They have very narrow channels of required job function experience that narrow down who can sit on them …. and they are missing so many women. Maybe it is time to bring in a few creative women elders…..?

What inspired me most:

  • How nourishing it is to talk about creativity beyond just art but to include work and finance as well… and also to sit in a sharing circle of women.
  • So many projects that we take on do not have End Dates but when they do, they can give immense satisfaction when there is completion. If something needs to be finished put a closing date on it.
  • Sometimes a project needs to be open-ended because its completion or journey is not something that we can determine while we are working on it. This is particularly the case when maybe an art project might in some way reflect and mirror our own growth.
  • When is something complete and ready to give away, sell or let go of? You will have a knowing if you go within and ask. This self enquiry needs to be balanced with any perfectionist tendency we might have which holds us back from being complete. Learning to be comfortable with imperfection is key … the Japanese principle of wabi-sabi where imperfection adds to beauty and becomes part of the story of something is important.
  • Our art and creativity grows as we grow. By looking at what we are working on in a mindful way we can see our own progress.
  • Creative projects can be used to handle anything that we have to face in life .. if we are creative .. even grief and loss.
  • When we are asked to reflect on the creative output in our lives we can find that we have been highly resourceful in areas and take an opportunity to acknowledge ourselves for the achievement.  Don’t forget to pat yourself of the back once in a while!!

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