Posted by: ginalazenby | March 4, 2020

The enduring power of community that women can sustain


London reunion of our Women’s Gathering entrepreneur community who first started meeting monthly in 2008

The women gathered .. again 

Who would have thought when a group of 16 women entrepreneurs had a first gathering back in 2008, 16 of us in a Weymouth Mews home, that so much love and connection would grow, and endure over the years. We supported each other through the ups and down of the re-invention journeys that most of us had embarked on. And guess what .. we have still not finished transforming. If we ever arrived at our destinations, we found there was another level to aim for. 

Although we stopped having monthly and frequent meetings about 8-9 years ago, we have had two or three special events in the last 5 years since Gina moved out of her London home, but our original co-host Mynoo has not been in the room with us since 2010!  What is beautiful is the fact that the years seemed to roll away. The gap of time, however long, did not matter. Since our original meet way back in April 2008 when we set out on a monthly schedule, we have come to know each other so well.  The eyes were being kind when someone said I had not changed but in truth, everyone looked the same.  We see what see!

Groundbreaking healer Mary Molloy, co-host Gina Lazenby and Conscious accounting pioneer Kay Westmoreland

Back in those early days, many of the women in the community were corporate refugees who had given up working for large companies or organisations and intended to go it alone. That was why we had all joined the XL Entrepreneur network because it is not always easy carving a new path for yourself, as many were finding out. As much as we loved the male entrepreneurs in our new community, we particularly enjoyed the small corner we formed that was women-only. Ilaria Poggesi had called out “What about a meeting just for women?!” and Mynoo and I immediately stepped up to volunteer our homes as spaces to gather .. private spaces for the deeper conversation and connection that we had all unknowing been craving.  

We became a fantastic resource for each other, sharing our skills, testing out our offerings on each other, creating joint ventures and providing much-needed sounding boards and advice. And so it has continued over the years in a looser way. Coming back together this February after the long gap, there was an immediate hunger for re-connection. It was a delight to share our triumphs and not only receive recognition but to have acknowledgment that we have survived well and thrived. 

The power of the community is our practice of sitting in a circle with each woman having time to share and receiving a full, deep listening from the group. It is empowering to be seen and heard by a community who know you and love you, and want to support you

Many women who joined the community at the start were embarking on marketing their newly developed healing skills and knowledge. That was not always easy but times move on and we evolve with them. Most of us continue to defy categorisation, especially when taking those healing hands and hearts back into the corporate arena, in a covert way,  where they are much needed but people generally don’t know what they need. Lesley shared how after many years of working in vibrational healing and finding that hard to create the space to do that work, she is now in the corporate communications department in one of the country’s largest infrastructure projects. She has returned to her original business skills but as a new woman with a greatly expanded repertoire of extra skills which her new employers will benefit from, for free most likely! Many of us are bringing several different disciplines together and have become beings beyond description. Perhaps Renaissance Women is what we are?

The timing for our gathering felt right and auspicious. So many delicious stories to share about what we have moved on to and where we are hoping to go. We all felt very blessed to be seen by colleagues and friends who have known us a long time, particularly over a period of significant growth and change. We also felt a sense that we need each other again … perhaps there is a different kind of need .. to be recognised along our journeys by kindred spirits. And we can always accept any help and support. 

As we stepped into our circle space it felt comfortable and familiar. We also welcomed two new members to our community: sex therapist Shekhina and our host Anna, a friend of Mynoo’s who, even though she had not met any of us, opened her beautiful Bayswater Mews home for our evening. Anna has agreed to host another gathering in the near future so we will work on a date for that. So much was exchanged that was helpful to each of us that if felt like a workshop! What about a whole weekend of this I suggested .. create our own workshop .. and that is something we could do in the Healthy Home. Gina will nominate a couple of possible dates and see if there is the energy to create a retreat for ourselves in Yorkshire and do a skills sharing for a couple of days away from the city in the Healthy Home Retreat. 

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